10-Minute Workout to Tighten the Arm Jiggle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sculpted arms are always in season, so it’s time to say adios to the arm jiggle. Here’s a 10-minute workout to tone your arms with extra focus on the triceps. Grab a set of dumbbells, from three to five pounds, and get ready to bare arms.

    Anna Renderer: Get ready for toned and tank top ready arms. Here is a 10-minute arm workout that's going to target and tighten that arm jiggle.

    All right, you guys. Are you ready to tighten and tone those arms?

    Annie: Yes.

    Anna Renderer: Awesome! I have got Annie and Sarah here and join us for this workout. We are going to start with a big arm circle. So we are just going to warm up those shoulders, because remember, even though we are working the triceps and the biceps mostly, we've got to get those shoulders really warmed up before we start working up.

    Nice! Looking good, ladies! Big circles first and then we are going to switch the small circles here in a second. So give one more big circle and then take it small. So we are going to go here, little circles. This is going to bring some good warmth to the shoulders.

    Sarah: This is going to burn.

    Anna Renderer: Oh yeah. Good! Small little circles, good. Make sure you are making that little circular movement, nice. In a second here we are going to go all the way again to the opposite direction with big shoulder circles.

    So now we are going to come back in a round forward. So another big shoulder circle. Good! Opening up, try not to arch your back too much here. Try to keep yourself pretty upright. Beautiful! Couple of more seconds. Good, doing good.

    Sarah:: Stretching it out.

    Anna Renderer: And we are going to switch it to the small circles now so we are going the opposite direction here. Small circles, good. Keep those arms up nice and long. We call these Sun Gods. We do them in all different directions. You can even go up here and you can just shoulder circles here and then go down.

    Good! Are you guys feeling warm?

    Sarah: Oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: All right! Let's switch it to boxing a little bit, so we are going to start to get that shoulder girdle. So we will go back-and-forth, just little boxing warm up; bam-bam! Also you can feel like you get that aggression out a little bit. Good! Remember arms, shoulders are all connected, so we are warming it up. Back-and-forth, keep your abs tight. You might not look it as cool as us doing this at home. But it's fun, right? Good! Punch it up, boom! That's it. Good! Get that little twist in that torso. Warm up that core. Two, three, nice, couple of more seconds; three, two and one; awesome!

    Let's pick up our weights. So you guys got to have about five pounds. If you don't have any weight, you can do most of these moves without them, but if you've got five, we are going to start here with a nice little arm runner up. Okay? So I call this The Runners. You are going to move from your shoulders; so elbows are bent at 90. All right! You are going to start here by moving from the shoulders; keeping your elbows bent at 90. Good! And you have got a little bit of weight here. So you are going to start to feel it through those shoulders and your triceps and biceps are here holding that weight stationary in place 90 degrees.

    Good! Warm it up. That's it. Go faster or slower. Start off slow so you really get the rhythm going through the shoulders; do you guys feel that?

    Sarah: Oh yeah!

    Anna Renderer: And it's a good stretch from the front to the back. You will start to feel those shoulders really extend. Start to go a little faster. Good! Always keeping it in control; really grip onto your weights so you've got a nice strong hold on those dumbbells. That means you're working your forearms too, and you're squeezing your biceps a little tighter as well. Beautiful! That arm jiggle goes away when we straighten those triceps, and those biceps. Good! Back-and-forth. Couple of more seconds, three, two and one; nice!

    Now we are going to go alternating tricep extension; so that move needs a little bit. You want to have a nice flat back; keep your chest up high; elbows pinned up against your body. You are going to extend one arm first, bring it in, and then the other. So you are just alternating. We are going nice and easy, working our way into this because we really are isolating the back of the arms mostly through this entire 10-minute workout. So you are going back and forth. Good!

    You guys look good. Nice! Now remember you want to keep your elbow up high towards the sky, you don't want your arms to start sagging because then all you are doing is dropping your weights, and that's not cool, good, you are not really going to feel it that way.

    So keep your elbows up high towards the sky; good; good.

    Sarah: Getting tank top ready.

    Anna Renderer: That's right! Tank top arms, it's summer time. Good! Bringing it back-and-forth, and if you live in California it's always summer time, so you can do this all year round.

    Good! Back-and-forth, breathe, good. Last couple, you should really feel some good work going through both your triceps and the back of your shoulder.

    Sarah: Sure do.

    Anna Renderer: Last two, last one and relax for a second.

    Sarah: Oh yeah, oh yeah.

    Anna Renderer: Now we go straight arm extension; so this gets the triceps and the back. Okay, the shoulders, back and triceps. Start out here as if you're going down the hill, okay? We are skiing now in summer. Moving it back all the way, lengthen, pause, bring it forward. So here you want to also have a nice flat back, keep your abs tight, breathe, and then bring it forward, so big exhale.

    Good! And you are bending forward a little bit from the waist here so that you are working against gravity. Pause, and then bring it forward. Come on, pull it up. Pause, bring it forward. You guys are doing great.

    Now if you get tired here, guess what you can do, one and then the other; one, and then the other. I don't mind if you guys modify that. Okay? Try to keep working through it the whole 10 minutes. You guys are looking great. Breathe!

    Sarah: Ya!

    Anna Renderer: I love it. Last one and squeeze. Nice job! Okay, those two are really going to get the back of the arms fired up.

    Now, coming down to the floor, keep your weights or bring them to the side. So Annie is going to show you a modification here. We are going to do a push-up, a tricep push-up. That means elbows right along the rib cage; that's important here. And then we are going to do a straight arm kickback; so feet go wide. Make sure that they are wide so you have good stability here. You can modify your push up if you need to go down. Bring your elbows in tight. Press out, then you are going to bring one arm back, abs are tight, bring it down, other arm back, bring it down; go back to your push-up. Elbows in tight. Good, Sarah!

    Sarah: Oh yeah!

    Anna Renderer: Good Annie! Keep showing on that. Nice! You don't need weights for this one; if you don't have the strength. Bring it in, push it out. Good! Abs are tight, pull it back; one, other side; two, bring it down. Elbows in tight, press it out. Good!

    Sarah: It's a total body burner.

    Anna Renderer: That's it.

    Sarah: Oh! This is hard.

    Anna Renderer: You guys look great. One more. Down, press it out, one more, pull in and back, other side. Yeah, girls, and bring it down. Awesome!

    Now flipping over on to the back, I know they are like what the heck are you doing to it? Good job you guys, now keep it going with a nice little skull crusher. It's classic, right? So roll it out on to our backs. Knees up at 90. Arms are up nice and high. Make sure your elbows stay pointed up towards the sky as you bring the weights to your ears and then extend straight.

    So it's really important here that you keep your elbows pointing up towards the sky, and then you straighten those arms all the way up, so that then weights point straight in alignment to the ceiling. Good! That's it. You don't want to let your elbows drop here. Okay? You want to keep them up nice and high. That's not good! Keep your elbows up high so that you get that full stretch through your tricep.

    Ooh! Remember to breathe. Good! Always exhale during exertion portion up the work; so when you lift that's exertion, so shhh.


    . that's it, breathe in. Nice shot! Grip those weights, you guys. You look great. Last couple. Breathe, two, one and relax. Good! Bringing it down. Oh my goodness! Okay.

    So now what we are going to go into is the nice little bicep curl. You are going to have your arms open. You are leaning it back a little bit here. Ooh, I love it, love it! So right here, elbows come up a little high. Squeeze in, lower out.

    Now I am going to lift my feet up for a little extra ab challenge, right? Because in every workout we want to maximize our time. But if you keep your heels down that's a great way to still be working the core and you are working those biceps. Squeeze, good! Squeeze! Nice job! Lengthening, flexing, I know. Abs are tight. I know it's hard to sit this way. You can always alternate. Remember, most of these moves if you get tired, when you alternate it's not as hard.

    So you can always do that. Good! In and out, breathe, squeeze, extend, squeeze, nice job. Last couple, last one and one. Beautiful!

    Now set those weights down. We are going to do a nice little seated dip, okay? This one you can do at home with no weights at all, and give a nice little burner through those backs of the arms, triceps. So you are going to go with that little bridge position. Lift your hips up; make sure that your weight is mostly over those hands, and you are going to bend only at the elbows, and then extend up. Squeeze, bend, extend.

    If you don't squeeze at the top, you are not going to feel it as much to your arm. So squeeze right there. Go down, up and squeeze. That's it. Good! Squeeze. Don't forget I want that engraved in your head. Squeeze. Nice job!

    Squeeze! Good! You guys are doing amazing. Couple of more seconds. Last two, one, breathe, two, and relax.

    Excellent job you guys. Now we are going to be here. We are going to do a seated little stretch, okay? So we don't even have to go anywhere. Cross those legs, you are going to bring one elbow up towards the sky, reach towards your back; grab that opposite elbow, pull it and give it a little side bend.

    Sarah: Oh! That feels great.

    Anna Renderer: You feel a stretch all the way down your back. Good! Breathe it out. Really think about that hand reaching towards your back. So you are really reaching those fingertips down, good and switch other side. Elbow up high, reach. It's always so important to stretch these muscles after you work them. Okay, just a minute is all we are doing to stretch and lengthen those muscles so they are ready for tomorrow when you do this arm jiggle workout again.

    Sarah: Oh jeez!

    Anna Renderer: Right? Or ready to do it for a second round now. Bring it on down you guys. Relax, and enjoy that one. Nice work ladies! Good job Annie and Sarah.

    Sarah: Thanks Anna!

    Anna Renderer: May your arms jiggle no more. See you next time on POPSUGAR Fitness.