10 Tips for Grand Theft Auto 4 – Part I

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates the top ten tips that can be found in Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek S. Campbell: Hi, I am Derek Campbell, video game expert. And today I am at the Triangle Club, Liberty City's finest bar and lounge and today I am going to show you 10 cool things about Grand Theft Auto IV. You are not going to need much to get started with this, all you are going to need is a gaming console either Playstation3 or an Xbox360. You are going to need a television. You are going to need some time on your hands to practice these cool things that you are going to learn, so now stay tunes and let's get started. The first thing is The Swing Set Launcher. So first go ahead and get into a cab so we can get to where we are going here. Lets go ahead and pull up our map and where we want to go to is the FireFly projects, located right down here. Okay, so then all you need to do is get a car, any old car would do or motorcycle would also work. Lets go ahead and fast forward a little bit here. What you are looking for is, this playground area here, carefully position yourself into the middle of this swing set basically this is a glitch in the physics, on this game. You could see there is a little bit of debris there and before you know it, you have your self your own your Vehicle Cannon.

    Number two is all about Secret Maps. So let's go ahead and get out and head over to the internet cafe and then we will go ahead and log in and the URL what you want to type is whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.

    com with no spaces. After you do that what's going to come up is a website. This website is filled with gaming tips and information that is going to help you out along the way. You will find things like where to find pigeons, where to find hidden weapons, where to find hidden health packets, where to find some sick freaks, where to find body armor, where to find cars, stunt rams, you will also find some activities to do, and many other things that are going to help you along the way.

    Number three are the Flying Rats. You can find them right down here at the statue of happiness. Flying rats are otherwise known as pigeons, there are 200 of them in the city and what you want to do is eliminate this plague of pigeons by destroying them. You can destroy them anyway you like and there is nothing wrong with a little bit of overdose. So grenades and rocket launchers are also welcome as well.

    Number four is stunt jumps. The first jump I am going to show you is down here in the Colony Island. I located this one using the map shown in the previous tip whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.

    com. You can use any type of vehicle used to do a stunt jump. In this example, I am going to show you how to use a Power Boat. So we are building up a little bit of speed. In here you get to show off your cinematic genius in GTA IV. While playing you will find plenty of spaces to make the jumps however there are specific spots you have targeted in order to unlock certain achievements and you will see it displayed on the bottom there whether in fact it is a stunt jump or not. The next jump I am going to show you is located in Alderney City, right down here. So, I am going to start of with a Motorcycle, you want to build up a little bit of speed, so basically you want to hit the ramp with as much speed as possible to give you the maximum amount of distance needed to complete the jump. This jump is going to give you plenty of air time so you can twist and turn and flip in any direction in order to unlock additional achievements. You can also perform this jumps in automobiles, however airtime could be a bit limited due to weight of the vehicle. Let's take that back I recommend the NRG-900 because it gives you the maximum amount of speed needed to complete this jump. As long as you land on all wheels of your vehicle it doesn't matter what happens afterwards, what doesn't count is if you make it to the other side, but don't land on two wheels, that's got to hurt. Now number five is really old Tug Boat. You can get started with this one by finding the Helitours. You want to steal a helicopter like that. And then go ahead and bring up the map to show you where you are going to find it, right here near the bridge, near Colony Island, right down here. Now lets fast forward a bit and you can't miss it, it's a rusted beat down old tug boat as promised. From this point just time a jump after you get to the right altitude, from here you are going to walk up to the wheel of the boat you will then be surprised by the fact that you can't actually drive this boat. Go ahead and sound your horn with dominance and enjoy your tug boat. This is 10 tips for Grand Theft Auto IV, we will be back in a movement with the other five.