10 Tips for Grand Theft Auto 4 – Part II

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video game expert Derek Campbell demonstrates the top ten tips that can be found in Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Derek S. Campbell: I am Derek Campbell, video game expert and we are talking about 10 tips for Grand Theft Auto IV, now let's continue with our tips.

    Number six is Urban Street Skates. What you want to do is, shoot out all four wheels of the car of your choice. We will go ahead and get inside and as you are driving you will notice that all four tires will rub all the way down to the rim. From this point, you will have absolutely no traction at all, giving you free rink to skate around the concrete jungle as you please. At this point, the police will be on your tail, your rims will hot to the point of fire so lets give a one final coup de grce. Number seven is the heart of Liberty City. Go down to Helitours, steal a helicopter and you want to go down to the Statue of Happiness located right here. Go ahead and fly over there and very carefully nudge your way in, just under the feet of the Statue of Happiness. And if you walk around you will see a door with two planks on either side that say No Hidden Content this Way, you will see it right here. Okay, you will be able to walk right through the door way and then climb up a very long ladder and you will see the very literal heart of Liberty City. Go ahead and fire a couple of rounds into it and if you use your rocket launcher you will find you kill a couple of flying rats as well. Remember, destroy the heart, destroys Liberty City.

    Number eight is the Worry Free Drive By. We will start of by calling our cousin Roman and asking for car services. And to start of we will make a way point, fairly far away, we let's say the Bowling Alley for example. And then we will go ahead and get into the cab, press X to tell him to hurry up, we break out the window and commence our drive by. At this point, we will probably create a little bit of scare from the general public and maybe even from the police as well. That is perfectly fine. Go ahead and handle your business take out your enemies, take out the cops, go ahead and press the A button to warp to your destination and you will find that your warrant level is gone and everything is just fine.

    Number nine is Skate Park Motorcycle Jumps as seen here. You are going to find it on the map right down here in Westminster. In online play you can grab your buddies and work on your tricks. From here you can find new two wheeled ways to rip through this stake boarding park. Grab some air time and and work on the pattern to dirt bike back-flip. You will also find some new ways to work on your dismount.

    Number ten is Riding the Screamer. I am sure we have all seen the broken down theme park located right down here next to the Bowling Alley. The first thing that you want to do is grab a compact car. I found a Comet located down here in this neighborhood right beside of Bowling Alley. If you drive out of the neighborhood you will see a fence located directly to your left. You want to drive-in through the fence, making course all the way down, make a U turn and then drive all the way back to the tracks of roller coaster. When you will come to the lowest most part you will see that there is an opening of the track. Give it just the right amount of gas and turn, and you will find yourself actually driving up through the tracks of the Screamer. Go ahead and punch the gas and show this all time wooden roller coaster who is the boss. You will fly up and down through the dips and skirt quickly around corners. And if you time it just right you will be able to get some air time. I am Derek Campbell and this has been 10 Tips for Grand Theft Auto IV.