13 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names For Fame

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    What are the chances that a celebrity with a name like Vin Diesel was given such an awesome moniker at birth? According to our research, it’s very low, unless you’re Blue Ivy. We’ve rounded up 13 stars who changed their names for fame. Which one took you by surprise?

    Becca Frucht: My teenage dreams are officially fulfilled. Now time to play the celebrity name game. It's famous Hollywood legend and Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Baker, but there is a whole bunch of a modern day stars who have changed their names for fame.

    Portia De Rossi started test driving her new moniker at age 15 before then she was Amanda Lee Rogers. And Whoopi Goldberg may not have caused as much excitement if she stuck with Karen Johnson. Meanwhile Vin Diesel is certainly a way more intimidating name than Mark Sinclair for an action star.

    Natalie Portman took her grandmother's maiden name leaving behind a Natalie Hershlag and Olivia Wilde changed her name from Olivia Jane Cockburn this should make sense to anyone who has ever attended middle school. Lea Michele uses her middle name as her last dropping Sarfati, well Lucy Hale took a nick name from her middle name to leave behind Karen Lucille Hale. Tina Fey also uses a shorten version of her middle name Stamatina, while she shares her real first name Elizabeth with her 30 Rock character Liz Lemon.

    Some celebrities have had to change their name to avoid same name confusion. Katy Perry did it to avoid being confused with the actress Kate Hudson while Michael Keaton actually shares his name with Michael Douglas. Others have changed to avoid potential tongue twisters Vampire Diary Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley simplified there names from Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva and Paul Wasilewski.

    Finally, Louis C.

    K. is actually a fanatic way to correctly pronounce his last name C.

    K. These celebs proves arose by any other name may smell as sweet but might not be as famous.