3 Back-to-School Tech Hacks You’ll Actually Use

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    School is now back in session. We’re taking some of the pressure off of the college and high school students out there with three study hacks you’ll actually use!

    Matthew Rodrigues: School is now back in session or for some of you it's about to start. So today we're going to take some of the pressure off of the college and high school kids out there with some study hacks from Popsugar Tech Editor Nichole Nguyen. Nicole Nguyen: That's right I have covered a lot of productivity apps for students on the popsugar.

    com but these are by far the best.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! Now, Evernote this first app I have heard of it and I wish we had this when I was in school, it's not fair.

    Nicole Nguyen: Yeah! Evernote is an extremely popular note taking software especially among Popsugar tech editors and reader, but did you know that the Evernote app can recognized hand written notes so you can search them later.

    Matthew Rodrigues: So, this is like black magic to me. So you just write in your note book like you normally would, but then you take a picture of it.

    Nicole Nguyen: Yeah! seriously, I actually did this earlier today and my first tip is to why important or another buzz word, that's a difficult concepts while you are taking notes in class, so when you search important when the Evernote app all of those concepts are right there always.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I mean this is reason I didn't have straight As, I am telling you right now. Okay! So moving on to RateMyProfessors.

    com that sounds like something troubled to me.

    Nicole Nguyen: This site is like yell for teachers, it will show their ratings on easiness, helpfulness and even hottest.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You're - hottest?

    Nicole Nguyen: I am not kidding.

    Matthew Rodrigues: That's dangerous.

    Nicole Nguyen: It's very real, but it's also a treasure trail for helpful tips about specific classes at your college.

    Matthew Rodrigues: So like right here, this guy says that I didn't buy text book instead I looked at PowerPoint presentations.

    Nicole Nguyen: It's so helpful, former students give a lot of insight, like when they go to office hours or what part of material to study. My second tip is to really read through those comments.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I am scrolling through all the hot teachers right now. There're some cuties on there, check it out, okay. Moving on, what's this next step? Is it a website?

    Nicole Nguyen: So, this is Google chrome extension actually that I love to hate, that's' called Stay focused. Matthew Rodrigues: And, I am guessing it helps you stay focused. Nicole Nguyen: It is exactly right. Matthew Rodrigues: I have a pride. Nichole Nguyen: He is so smart. It works on any time wasting website if you are choosing like Facebook or Twitter, YouTube all with of your favorites.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Oh my, what would I do, would I actual work is that what you are telling me. Nicole Nguyen: You would actually have to work. Yeah.

    Matthew Rodrigues: No, I can't do it.

    Nicole Nguyen: But it is awesome for when you're working under a deadline.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, but if you really, really need to get back on the Facebook and you are locked out, what do you do in that case?

    Nicole Nguyen: Well then you are forced to write a pretty tough typing challenge word for word without a single mistake it's very hard, I have tried it myself. Matthew Rodrigues: I like type with two fingers so that would never work out.

    Nicole Nguyen: No.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You know I didn't even have a computer in school.

    Nicole Nguyen: I am sorry.

    Matthew Rodrigues: True story! Thank a lot Nicole. Nicole Nguyen: Of course.