3 Hostessing Tips That Will Forever Change the Way You Throw a Party

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark are the creative twosome behind the Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets and the one-of-a-kind cocktail the McNuggetini. The duo visited our New York office to share their unconventional domestic wisdom and their three top tips for throwing a killer holiday party.

    Allie Merriam: Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark's creativity in the kitchen has made the gems like the McNuggetini and a big career on the Cooking Channel including the current season of Unique Sweets. The lady joining me now our PopSugar New York to share their best and most unconventional tips for hosting Thanksgiving and holiday parties. Thank you guys for being here. Alie Ward: Thank you Allie.

    Georgia Hardstark: Of course. Allie Merriam: So what we will begin with?

    Georgia Hardstark: Well I am also a little clutsey so I tend to break stemware, so that's why I love having mason jars instead of like either plastic cups that look terrible or stemware that you're going to break. You can write your name on it, you can write your guest's name on it, so everyone knows whose cocktail it is. Alie Ward: These cost about a dollar a piece and then you can have them for until Georgia breaks them. Allie Merriam: Now, I see some more tiny cups here too. Georgia Hardstark: So we put the veggies into these little glasses, with a little bit of dip at the bottom, so you can kind of start on the party, do a little bit. Yeah, one hand you've got your cocktail, one hand you've got your veggie dip. You can put hummus in here you can put blue cheese or Ranch dressing, whatever you want. Allie Merriam: That is why we have two hands, I love this is also very economical but of course it's not all about veggies, we have some little more indulgence in your third tip. Alie Ward: Well, we kind of like to have it after dinner drink at the end of the meal because sometimes people don't want to leave yet, they want to sit around and chat, we love to serve like a nice coffee cocktail or we just - our Nescaf Dolce Gusto a lot. Georgia Hardstark: Everyone wants to sip something, kind of sweet and kind of like warming and very fallish, so this is our, Averna Amaro. Alie Ward: We are using about an ounce and a half of Rye whisky and then we are putting Amaro in it, Amaro is a really great, sweet, herbaceous Italian liqueur. Allie Merriam: This is really good and I can say I love this; I have this at home. Alie Ward: Yes.

    Georgia Hardstark: It's a little bitter, it's a little sweet, it's perfect.

    Alie Ward: And now we are adding a half an ounce of chilled espresso that we brewed in machine, instead of shaking this we actually stir it. Allie Merriam: Okay. It's a really nice idea to end the party on, either it's Thanksgiving, Christmas. Alie Ward: We just do that until it's chilled and then we pour right in the glass. Allie Merriam: This is so good and you don't have to wait until you have dinner to drink this but I see your point, and with these tips guys I am going to be throwing the best parties ever. Thank you so much. Alie Ward: Yes, thank you for having us. Georgia Hardstark: Of course.

    Allie Merriam: And you can see more of Alie and Georgia on the Cooking Channels of Unique Sweets on Sunday nights.