3 Tips For Weight Loss Success

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his top 3 tips for improving weight loss success.

    John Basedow: Loosing weight is at the top of everyone's to-do list, but many people give up once they hit a roadblock. I however have 3 tips that will insure your weight loss success.

    First, focus on nutrition. Keep a food diary for two weeks to see what you're actually eating. Writing it down makes it real and make you think about what you're putting into your body. Once you know your eating habits, you can change them one by one.

    Ditch the packaged foods and stick to all natural choice. Eat breakfast everyday and don't starve yourself which can cause you to over eat due to extreme hunger. Several small meals throughout the day keep your metabolism running at full speed and you'll be less tempted to snack on junk food.

    Next, stick to reachable fitness goals. Setting higher expectations in the beginning can lead to disappointment when you don't see immediate results. Long term goals become more attainable when you split them up. Once you reach your first goal, you'll be further motivated with the positive reinforcement of reaching it. Then you can set your next goal like loosing 15 pounds.

    And finally, mix-up your fitness routine. Variety is the key to success and it keeps exercise from feeling like a chore. Change up exercise intensity and type as well as the body parts you target.

    Different exercises use more energy and burn more calories. The more you challenge your body on a daily bases, the closer you'll be to achieving your goals. When you follow these tips, you'll find yourself on track to loosing the weight you want.