3-Way Fishing Rig

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Keer with Take Me Fishing discusses the correct way to make a 3 way rig.

    Tom Keiter: Hi! I am Tom Keiter with Take Me Fishing. Today we are going to talk about fishing rigs. A fishing rig is any of the gear that you attach to your line, it could be a hook, it could be a bobber, it could be a swivel. Let's talk about the three way rig. If you are looking for a good rig for river or surf fishing or anywhere there is current, it's good to use a three way rig.

    It's a great rig to use on catfish or on the surf for striped bass or fluke. The three way rig gets its name from the main swivel used on the rig, one swivel attaches to your reel, the second swivel attaches to your sinker, and the third swivel attaches to your hook.

    For demonstration purposes I am going to use this brightly colored line. To make the three way rig, start by tying the standing line to one swivel eye. Then add a drop line in between 12 to 18 inches to the second swivel and finally add a line up between 24 and 36 inches to the other swivel.

    Finish off the rig by tying the hook to the longer drop line with an improved clinch knot. Finally, tie a sinker to the shorter drop line also using the improved clinch knot.

    A three way rig can be easily adjusted to fit any fishing situation.