3D Printed Homes?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A professor at the University of Southern California say that his Contour Crafting technology could be used to more safely construct buildings.

    A professor from the University of Southern California says he has yet another novel application for 3D printers—building construction.  His proposed technology, called Contour Crafting, would use a “gantry-type crane with a hanging nozzle and components-placing arms” to travel along rails laid a few feet further apart than the eventual buildings width.  “The nozzle would spit out concrete layers to create hollow walls, and then fill in the walls with additional concrete,” explains the professor.  “Humans would install by hand doors and insert windows.”  He says it’s a safer form of construction for humans and, instead of causing a loss in jobs, would open the construction industry up to older workers and more females.