3D Printed Toothbrush

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The new Blizzident toothbrush promises to clean teeth quickly and is custom fitted to the individual.

    A new 3D printed toothbrush that is tailor fitted to the individual promises to clean teeth in just six seconds.  Called the Blizzident, it looks more like a mouth guard, has 400 soft, tapered bristles, and is personalized from impressions of patient’s teeth.  Instead of brushing, you put it in your mouth and bite down.   So it’s more of a grinding than brushing. The big plus, says the company, is that you’re brushing those hard-to-reach places without thinking about it. It ain’t cheap though, as digital scans of your teeth cost between $75-$200 bucks and the custom brush is another $300 bucks. But with 10 times the bristles it should last you ten times longer.