4 Fall TV Shows Not Worthy of Your Sacred DVR Space

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sometimes you have to put your foot down and decide which of the many new Fall TV shows you’re going to make time and space for on your DVR. Unfortunately, there’s not enough room for everyone, so we’re telling you which shows you should definitely skip.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay, we have been filling you in all week on a must-see shows of the fall. But today, we are providing you with some even more valuable information that is right, Entertainment Editor Maggie Pehanick is getting real and letting us know the must skip shows of the fall.

    Maggie Pehanick: That's right. Now obviously it is really early, but there are already a handful of shows that as POPSUGAR editors have deemed not worthy of our sacred DVR space.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Pehanick is making some enemies today people. Maggie Pehanick: I am.

    Matthew Rodrigues: So, who is first on your skip-list?

    Maggie Pehanick: I am sad to say first step is the Mysteries Of Laura, starring Debra Messing. She plays a single woman struggling to balance her family life and her career on NYPD homicide detective. The show itself has an even harder balancing act constantly tearing between Comedy and drama and not really succeeding at either.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Yeah. I got to say, I watched the trailer and it did not look good to me. Okay. So the next series you are skipping out on is Cristela.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yes, that's right. So it a comedy that just did not have me laughing, it stars stand up comedian Cristela Alonzo as women who is struggling to put herself through law school while dealing with her traditional Mexican-American family, I feel like it relied way too heavily on the stereotypical jokes and not enough on actual funny jokes.

    Matthew Rodrigues: See sometimes, I think there are too many cooks in the kitchen and a good comedian gets watered down.

    Maggie Pehanick: And she is funny it just didn't really translate.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Alright, well maybe next time. So, State of Affairs, starring Katherine Heigl.

    Maggie Pehanick: So Heigl who is also an executive producer on the show plays a top CIA analyst to the President, who it fixated on solving the mystery of her fianc's murder, did I mention her fianc was also the President's son.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. So it's to me that sound interesting, it sounds like something I want to watch, what's wrong with that?

    Maggie Pehanick: Yeah. You would think so, but the script is cheesy and overwrote and feels like they want her to be carry on homeland, but she just kind of a pale imitation.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Ooh! tough words there, you did go there. Okay. So the other one on your skip-list is a point of contention here on the POPSUGAR office Fox's new comedy Mulaney.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yes. So we debated this one a lot, I personally love John Mulaney as a stand up and he has been a hilarious writer of SNL for years, but I didn't love the multi camera way it was shot, it's like that we were trying to go for sign film came up short.

    Matthew Rodrigues: All right! You better watch your back, you're going to have some enemies after this.