4 Steps To Make The Most Of Your Digital Photos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard with Consumer Electronics explains what to do with your digital photos after you capture them.

    Laura Hubbard: Hi! I am Laura Hubbard with the Consumer Electronics Association. Life is Magical and to help you enjoy all those magical moments heres how to get the most out of your digital photos in four simple steps 1.

    Select Favorites PhotosSelect your favorite photos thats stored on your phone, tablet, laptop or camera. To save time and storage space, delete the pictures that are blurry, overexposed or unflattering. Dont worry about red eye. Photo editing programs can often fix those 2. Transfer Your PhotosThis may be a bit overwhelming but you have plenty of options. If your photos are on your phone or tablet, installing a photo app can help you organize pictures by date, event, and place. And apps that use a cloud are internet based storage can save you tons of storage space on your device. just upload your favorite pictures on to the app. To move your photos from a digital camera to a computer, connect a USB cord, open the cameras drive and transfer you photos to a folder on your computers drive or a cloud storage service. You might also be able to put your cameras memory card directly into your computer. For cameras with Wifi, youll need to setup the connection from your camera to your computer. Once youre connected, the photos transfer automatically. To share your pictures, you can just email them from your computer but many apps have a Share or Send My Photo Button to easily email or post your photos on social media 3. To Print your Photos To print, Upload pictures from your computer to an online photo site and order whatever sizes you want. You can get these prints by mail or pick them up at your neighborhood photo lab. You can also go to your local retailer and print at the photo Kiosk. If you prefer to print at home just be sure you have a photo quality printer and photo paper. Finally 4. Get Creative On photo websites you can turn your photos into books, cards, calendars and prints. Or make photo products like Wallpaper, Blankets, Mugs and even items like phone cases. The photo sites will guide you through the process, its easy. So there you have it! We hope these steps will help you enjoy your memories, because life is magical.

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