4 Ways To Diet With Support

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses four ways to make dieting easier with support.

    John Basedow: If you tired of trying to get in shape and quickly falling back into old habits, I have a solution for you. Diet and exercise on your own can be an insurmountable challenge. But getting fit with support maybe just the help you need to reach your goals.

    First, try talking to a doctor or a nutritionist to get personalized advice. A specialist can recommend a tailored diet, test you for any food allergies and even suggest a local weight loss support group. Some dietitians even offer 247 contact by phone and email.

    Secondly, start your new diet and exercise regimen with family or a friend for extra accountability. The buddy system will ensure you have a partner at the gym and have someone to call when cravings kick in.

    If you can't meet in person, find an online support group or follow a supportive weight loss blog and message board to have even more friends on your side.

    Third, for an additional helping hand, there are many weight loss programs that offer comprehensive support, meal planning and a personal diet coach; some even deliver meals to your door. Be a smart shopper and head straight to the Internet to search for honest reviews which will help you not fall victim to overhype plans.

    There is nothing wrong with getting a little help to be at your best. Look into one or all of these options if you are dedicated to finally making a lifestyle change stick.