5 Celebs Who Have Beaten Breast Cancer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Take in some positive inspiration from stars like Christina Applegate and American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Kathy Bates.

    Becca Frucht: And when it comes to getting a real life revenge there maybe none sweeter for women than serving breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month, women from every walk of life had beat the disease including these five famous ladies.

    American horror story star Kathy Bates has beaten cancer not just once but twice. She first conquered ovarian cancer in 2003 and then announced in 2012 that she had beaten breast cancer as well showing she certainly knows how to face and overcome fear. Dame Maggie Smith is another amazing survivor. When the actress was diagnosed in 2008 she insisted on continuing to film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince while doing her chemotherapy and radiation treatment that's what hard-core witch.

    Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts was diagnosed in 2007 she beat cancer and return to the anchor desk, but the health challenges weren't over for Robin. Last year she revealed a serious complication toward cancer treatment which she continues to fight while still bringing us that winning smile each morning.

    Christina Applegate learned a lesson from her breast cancer survivor mother when doctors diagnose the up all night star in just one of her breast Christina decided to play it safe with a double mastectomy.

    Edie Falco was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 but managed to keep her condition a secret for an entire year undergoing treatment while continuing to film Sopranos, of course now the fully recovered star is back in the hospital as the caretaker we all love to hate, nurse Jackie. Thank you to be strong survivors for sharing their stories and offering hope and inspiration to us all.