5 Common Consumer Scams

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Consumer activist Tom Antion discusses the five most common consumer scams.

    Tom Antion: Hi! I am Tom Antion. I hate to see hard working people get ripped off. Today, I am going to discuss five common consumer scams that could affect you. First, real estate scams. If you're a homeowner and you're having trouble with your mortgage payment, watch out, the sharks are circling.

    Beware of people calling you pretending to be representatives of a government agency. If they ask you for money, it's a scam.

    Second, seminar scams. You've seen all the get rich quick and self-help seminars advertised in the paper, on TV and on the internet. If you attend one of these events, guard your wallet. I've been speaking in that industry for over 20 years and people get ripped off left and right.

    If you're asked to run to the back of the room, you're better off running out the door to your lawyer's office to see what you just bought, because the training they sell is most likely over-priced and fraudulent. Don't let the sociopathic seminar leaders get you to give them your hard earned cash before you think it through.

    Next, beauty scams. This industry sells your products that are supposed to make you look thinner, younger, and prettier. Beware of free trials that aren't really free. Frequently, your credit or debit card will get dinged for large fees and they make it virtually impossible to get refunds or stop the billings. Check the reputation of the company out on the internet before you accept a free trial.

    Now, how about Craigslist? It's full of scams. Are you looking for an apartment? Don't be sucked into filling out an online credit report until you meet the real owner of the apartment and you tour the apartment. It could be a scam where the scammer makes money for each credit application and you will never see the apartment because it doesn't exist.

    Dental scams; make sure your dentist provides you with the actual source and makeup of your crowns and restorations. Many dentists are outsourcing to super cheap overseas suppliers and putting lead in your mouth. Also, get second opinions whenever possible. Dentists are getting arrested all over the country for doing unnecessary work and overbilling your insurance. And those are just a few of the scams that consumer can find out there today. Don't let them get you!