5 Fat Blasting Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his 5 powerhouse techniques for blasting fat in just minutes a day.

    John Basedow: Hey guys I am John Basedow with five, count them five, fat blasting exercises that I like to do when I am trying to get ripped and chiseled as quick as possible.

    Number one is simply Morning Cardio done on an elliptical machine and you want to basically get up to about 40 minutes in the morning. If you can only do 20 or 30 now, do that and then try to raise it to 40 eventually.

    Number two is a combination set; I like to call it a Power Set where I combine the inclined press for chest and also the lat pulldown for back.

    Number three, we are going to hit the arms. Hitting the arms with the Rope Super Set where I do curls for the biceps and also triceps extensions for the triceps.

    Number four is my Leg Power Set where I combine squats with leg extensions. Now with these power sets you really don't want to have much rest in between the two exercises, you want to keep up a cardio pace and really burn those muscles to get that development going.

    And finally number five, to finish off your routine after you've blasted those legs is you are going to hit the abs and I like to do three sets of 50 reps legs on a bench, standard crunch.

    You perform this routine every other day or two days on one day off, you will be surprised that how chiseled you become in the span of a month or less.