5 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid in Online Classes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professor Candis Best of St. Joseph’s College in New York explains the top five fatal mistakes to avoid when taking online classes.

    Candis Best: Hi, this is Candis Best, Associate Professor at St. Joseph's College in New York City and today we're going to discuss the five fatal mistakes people make when they're taking an online course.

    The first mistake to avoid is starting class late. It may not seem important because you don't have a physical classroom to go to on a particular date, but usually there's a lot of work to do and most students who start late never catch up.

    The second fatal mistake to avoid is waiting until your books arrive to do your homework. It's not uncommon for your books not to get there when it's time for you to start your class. So what you'll want to do is go the library, look up articles or ask your instructor for suggestions for other ways that you can keep up with course requirements.

    The third fatal mistake to avoid is not logging in for the minimum amount of time. Some programs require that you log in at least two to three times a week. But even if they don't, you don't want to just log in once because you'll miss opportunities to interact with your classmates and most online programs give points or take points away if you don't post enough discussions.

    The fourth mistake to avoid is not asking for feedback. It is really important to be proactive when you're taking an online course. If you're not sure how you're doing, ask your instructor.

    And the fifth fatal mistake is asking for incompletes. If you're not sure that you can get your final assignment in on time, ask for an extension. That will give you another day or two, may be even as much as a week to get that late homework in, but it will make sure that your work is in before the semester ends so that you can start the new semester with a plain slate. And those are the five fatal mistakes to avoid when taking the online class.