5 High Protein Foods

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses 5 high protein foods to fuel your workout.

    John Basedow: High protein foods have become popular in the weight-loss world, but which ones should you eat? Here are the perfect protein foods for any diet.

    White meat chicken and turkey are both lower in fat and higher in protein than red meat. Poultry contains healthy vitamins, good fatty acids, and 3-5 times more proteins than fat, avoid the fattening sauces and stick to grill or oven roasted options, fish are loaded with protein, but limit your intake to twice a week to avoid mercury poisoning.

    Water packed tuna, trout, tilapia and salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and are packed with nutrients that lower blood pressure, and improve hot health. Eggs are a popular protein food but most of the beneficial nutrients come from egg whites, skip the saturated fat, and avoiding too many fattening yolks.

    Nuts get a bad rap for high fat content, but they are protein rich and are known to reduce risk of heart diseases. Eaten in moderation nuts are a protein pick-me-up during a day, and can add a unique flavor to any meal.

    Isolated whey protein is one of my favorite foods for fuel. Whey can boost muscle development increase endurance, decrease calorie intake, and enhance your immune system, mix the unflavored powder into any recipe, or enjoy the flavored powder in the post workout drink.

    Incorporating one or more of the five protein foods in your diet will fuel your workout and make sure you're at your best all day long.