5 Places To Fit In Fitness

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses 5 places to fit in fitness during your busy day.

    John Basedow: When you are getting fit there is no such thing as ideal time. It's easy to get some exercise in wherever you are with a little creative ingenuity. Here are some of my favorite ways to fit fitness into your busy day.

    The next time you are stuck in a car or on the train, focus on those abs. Sit straight and tense your core for ab crunches or crunch your butt. You'll be surprised at how much twitch tightness is contributing to stress and back pain. Crunching everyday will lead to a tighter core.

    Also add as much walking to your day as possible, like taking the stairs instead of an elevator. If you drive park further away from your destination. If you take a train or bus, consider getting off a stop or two early.

    On your next vacation the simplest way to stay active is choose a hotel with a fitness center. Not an option? Bring easily packable exercise bands with you or get back to basics and use body weight exercise, like pushups and squats.

    Staying by the beach? Go for a run in the sand, use your location to you fitness advantage. This is a vacation from work, not a vacation from healthy habits.

    Americans spend hours in front of the TV everyday. So why not make the most of your time, lifting free weights won't distract from the show and you'll get to kick the couch potato moniker.

    If you have the space, do something more active during the commercials, jumping jacks, squats and pushups, all target key areas. Ten repetitions during each commercial break will quickly add up.

    With the right attitude, you can find time and space to fit fitness into your life every day. Stay active and remember doing something is always better than doing nothing.