5 Reasons Why a Full House Revival May Be in the Works

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A wise man once sang, “What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.” Well, what ever happened to our lives after Full House went off the air? Long story short, the collective hearts of America were broken, but our lives went on anyway. However, there has been some buzz recently about a Full House revival, and we have five reasons why it may come true . . . Have mercy!

    Matthew Rodrigues: When Entertainment Editor Maggie Pehanick and I first heard the whispers of a possible Full House rebuilt. We knew we needed to head into the heart of San Francisco, we are talking about Alamo Square, backdrop of our favorite 90s sitcom and home of the beloved Tanner Family. Maggie is now going to present five reasons why we think that Full House is actually going to have a revival?

    Maggie Pehanick: Not think Mat, I know this is going to happen and thing here really brings it all back, it has been 27 years since the first episode aired and changed our lives forever.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Hold are you Pehanick?

    Maggie Pehanick: You know what I watch the rerun that is besides the point. Alright this brings me to my first point, the world is begging for this to happen when the news first hit it was the number one trending topic on Tweeter and Facebook fans just went wild.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay. That's all well and good we all want the show to come back, but this isn't the first time we have heard these rumblings before, what are the facts, I need fact.

    Maggie Pehanick: Okay. So when I first started the news I did a little research for POPSUGAR.

    com on where the stars and now and I am going to be honest with you starting from John Stamos' love of Greek yogurt Candace Cameron appears, career with Dancing with the Stars, the Tanner family needs a come back.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Do we actually have cast member attached?

    Maggie Pehanick: We do. Okay. So the characters that are rumored to be coming back are D.


    , Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler, Danny Tanner and Uncle Joey.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Cut it out. What about the Olsen twins?

    Maggie Pehanick: It is highly likely that the Olsen twins are not going to be involved in that.

    Matthew Rodrigues: No, no. I refuse, I refuse that, why? They need to be, they are billionaires because of this show.

    Maggie Pehanick: That's exactly why they don't need to come back.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Good point, point taken.

    Maggie Pehanick: All right! Next reason why this is going to happen is John Stamos a.


    a. Uncle Jesse.

    Matthew Rodrigues: He has ownership in this show, right? And he is being trying to do it for a long time, so okay that make sense.

    Maggie Pehanick: And who is going to say no to Uncle Jesse. So additionally the original executive producer and writer are both on board to make this happen.

    Matthew Rodrigues: And that sounds like they will try to keep it true to the original concept, which I like. Alright, you have one last chance tell the world why you think this is going to actually happen.

    Maggie Pehanick: Three words Matthew, Girl Meets World the world needs more revival is doing fantastically for Disney channel proving the people are hungry for 90s reboots, not to mention the fact that Full House rerun do excellently.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Alright I am convinced and it should be said that I'm basically Danny Tanner and you are Aunt Becky and this is a wake up San Francisco.

    Maggie Pehanick: It is I am totally fine being Lori Loughlin.