5 Surprising Facts About The Bachelor’s Farmer Chris

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    You can try to hide it, but we all know that everyone fell in love with Farmer Chris on this past season of The Bachelorette. If you can’t wait to get more of the hunky Southern gent before he stars on the The Bachelor, then turn your attention to the video to learn more about Farmer Chris.

    Matthew Rodrigues: After the pass season of The Bachelor there was one name on everybody's mind Farmer Chris and while his upcoming season of The Bachelor may not premier until January entertainment editor Maggie Pehanick is here to help quench your Farmer Chris thirst, with 5 fun facts about The Newest Bachelor. Maggie Pehanick: Come on! I have even got my farmer lady dress on talk about this.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You were cute. Maggie Pehanick: Thank you Matthew Rodrigues: I like that. Maggie Pehanick: When we first announced that Chris Soules was going to be the next bachelor on the website POPSUGAR readers went wild, I mean who could resists that that smile and those eyes, visions of him on his tracker.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Pehanick, Pehanick.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yes Matthew Rodrigues: Stay with me Maggie Pehanick: I am right here for you Mat. Matthew Rodrigues: I need you to focus. What do we need to know about him?

    Maggie Pehanick: Okay, first of all former bachelorette contest Arie Luyendyk from Emily Maynard season was rumored to be super close to getting the bachelor position, but ladies went so crazy for Chris this past season he clearly became fan favorite. Arie even twitted me for the official announcement, I am not the bachelor, have fun on the farm.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Wow! Some one sounds like a bitter betty.

    Maggie Pehanick: It was little sassy. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! So other fun facts do you have?

    Maggie Pehanick: All right! Are you ready for this, Chris was engaged before. Matthew Rodrigues: No, scandal. Maggie Pehanick: Scandal yes, she was with his girl six years before decided on that it just wasn't right.

    Matthew Rodrigues: What happened, it just fizzled?

    Maggie Pehanick: Well! In his words he didn't want to settle for something good, he want something great and hopefully his been find that great girl on The Bachelor.

    Matthew Rodrigues: No better place to do it that on national TV Chris.

    Maggie Pehanick: It's the truth, people.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! So I here, he is a family man too.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yes, Chris has admitted that he wants four to six kids. Yes, and just based off the photos he post on the social media of him and his nieces and nephews he is going to be super cute dad.

    Matthew Rodrigues: That's really adorable. Okay, you've mentioned his tractor earlier and I hear that's helped him start a new trend.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yes, the trafie the tractor selfie, Chris loves posting photos of him and his first love his tractor, all over social media another fun fact he leant to drive a tracker before he could drive a car.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You and I need to take some trafies ASAP please, okay. Is he really going to take this seriously though? Maggie Pehanick: Matt, how could even ask that. Matthew Rodrigues: Sorry. Maggie Pehanick: Of course he is because, Chris is true romantic, just based off secret admirer letters to Andy, I am pretty sure he is going to pull off all the romantic stuffs. Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! I believe you, I believe you as long as there is one problem. Maggie Pehanick: Oho! Don't even go there Mat.

    Matthew Rodrigues: You know Pehanick, I am no farmer, but will you accept this rose. Maggie Pehanick: Matt unless my heart belongs to another.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Is that Chris in your locket, you're sick, you have got a problem.