7 Movies Perfect For Your Next Sleepover

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The next time a girlfriend asks you to join her up in da club on a Friday night, you’ll have the perfect excuse not to go other than, “Ew, no way.”

    Mathew Rodriguez: Bust out your retuse pair of pjs, call your bestees, the weather here in San Francisco is getting a little cool. So POPSUGAR Entertainment editor Maggie Pehanick and I are getting a little cozy for today's buzz, and we are revealing our seven favorite sleepover movies. Maggie Pehanick: Now, in my opinion these things are really no longer just for middle schoolers, you know?

    Mathew Rodriguez: Oh my God! Preach, okay, what's your first pick?

    Maggie Pehanick: All right, well, because unfortunately I do know how much you love to break in a song we are starting with a classic Grease, I mean number remember, Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee takes place during a slumber party, it doesn't get better than that.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Next time we do this we are in curlers and hairnets.

    Maggie Pehanick: I am down for that. Mathew Rodriguez: Okay. This other movie is ten years old this year, which blows my mind. Maggie Pehanick: Yeah, Mean Girls celebrated an anniversary this year and POPSUGAR readers cannot get enough of this movie, I mean there is really nothing like watching some high schoolers rip each other apart emotionally that makes you feel better about your own teenagers. Mathew Rodriguez: And this isn't the only Lindsay Lohan movie we are talking about.

    Maggie Pehanick: No, I hope you didn't think you get away without me mentioning The Parent Trap, double the Lindsay double the fun, this was a staple of my childhood.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Okay, I like the original version better so we have to watch both, right?

    Maggie Pehanick: Right, we can do!

    Mathew Rodriguez: What about something little romantic.

    Maggie Pehanick: Alright, I have two options for you, the first Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze dancing in tight pants could basically make anyone's heart go flutter and if things go crazy you can always practice that iconic lifting sequence. Mathew Rodriguez: I am only doing that if you are lifting me. Maggie Pehanick: I have been practicing. Mathew Rodriguez: Alright, I am into it.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yeah, that's fine. Now this next one you are going to need stock up on some tissues for, The Notebook. Mathew Rodriguez: Oh the best sobfest ever.

    Maggie Pehanick: I know totally.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Okay, now you are anything but clueless when it comes to the perfect sleepover movie, you see what I did there?

    Maggie Pehanick: I do, that was a super-pun; see what I did there?

    Mathew Rodriguez: Got it!

    Maggie Pehanick: We couldn't do this list without Clueless, I think it's because it's perfect, everyone could just scream out their favorite quote, so share in the gang, say them out loud, as if --Mathew Rodriguez: As if -- okay, your final big is 80s nostalgia at its absolute best, you are talking about rich people, wearing horribly amazing clothes.

    Maggie Pehanick: Yeah, Shelley Long's wardrobe in Troop Beverly Hills is a site to behold, now if you haven't seen this film you are not living it, at one point the girls scout troop camps at the Beverly Hills hotel because they couldn't handle the rain.

    Mathew Rodriguez: Don't act like camping at the Beverly Hills hotel is a bad thing. Maggie Pehanick: I am saying is the room service gives us more time to braid each other's hair. Mathew Rodriguez: Oh! Excellent point.