7 Reasons You Need to Follow Stephen Amell on Instagram Immediately

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Have you ever watched Arrow and noticed how hot Stephen Amell is? Besides the obvious fact, the actor has been doing justice for TV superhero shows, and we can’t get enough! So we checked out his Instagram page, which also happens to be just plain super. If you’re not following the star yet, let us convince you to get on board!

    Becca Frucht: I have been a big fan of Chris ever since Circle of Friends. Now another handsome leading man of TV, Stephen Amell. Arrow returns to the CW tonight, and if you don't already follow Stephen on Instagram, here are 7 reasons that you need to start immediately.

    Number 7, it's right there on the page. Stephen Amell wants to win Instagram 2014 despite the fact that there is no evidence that such a contest exists, regardless, he definitely gets our vote.

    Number 6, behind the scenes action at Arrow. Carry first stay back at work. Stephen shows off his makeup affects reveals onset antics with the cast and teases upcoming episodes with sexy pics or cryptic captions like I'm in a field in broad daylight. But why? Number 5, As Stephen loves to drink, whether sharing a beer with his mom, manhandling a madman of more or sipping rose in the water, he seems to enjoy life.

    Number 4, days of the week, there is thoughtful Thursdays, levitation Friday and sometimes.



    Stephen Amell: It's feels like a Monday.

    Becca Frucht: Number 3, his gorgeous cousin and fellow actor Robbie Amell. When Stephen post pic of the pair together we are melt. Number 2, if you haven't already noticed Stephen is just playing hot, with the hands off Stephen is married with a daughter, which is reason number 1, Stephen is one handsome doting dad. He clearly loves his baby girl Mavi and the 1:24 pics event posing quietly together never cease to her real good like an Arrow to the heart. You can follow Stephen at amelladventures.