8 Hilarious Commercials That Actually Exist From 1995

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Who could forget the very real and ridiculous commercials that aired in the ’90s? In case you’ve forgotten how Jell-O was marketed to the youth, let us refresh your memory.

    Becca Frucht: But now some awesome 90's commercials for kids, it's throw back Thursday and we are pressing the rewind buttons to 1995.

    Remember when you survived on serial alone as a kid looking back the 90s might have been the golden age of crazy serial commercials. [Video Clip]That totally insane Honey Combs creatures still haunts my dreams. If a kid couldn't get a big enough sugar rush from some incrediberry fruity pebbles purplicious flavor, they could always taste the rainbow. Skittles really nailed the 90's vibe.

    Next up, in case you forgot jello was pretty menacing back in the day. [Video Clip]But don't worry Polly Pocket was as pint-sized and adorable as ever. [Video Clip]The 90's were all about totally right and totally random toys, like the zoom ball or it's wet and wild buddy sonic splash zoom ball.

    [Video Clip]Get soaked in the nostalgia with this slip and slide spot. Now let's take a quick timeout and a tiger beat, checked out that throwback hunk. Finally, Nickelodeon is the big help got a hand from some big 90s stars including Rosie O'Donnell, Brandy and Melissa Joan Hart.

    [Video Clip]And that's today 90's time wrap.