A Day at Panama City Beach

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Panama City Beach has emerald waters and tons of activities for the whole family—a State Park, Shell Island and the legend of pirates even a museum dedicated to underwater exploration.

    Brent Lane: Hey! It's Brent Lane and today we are spending the day at the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. Right now we are at St. Andrew State Park, which is a former military base and this place is well known for its sugar white sands and emerald green coastline.

    You have got miles of beaches here and if you are a water sports enthusiast, this is a paradise, you can't miss out on.

    Brian Addison: We have here on St. Andrew's property, we have 1.

    5 miles beach on the gulf side, we also have a shoreline that goes from the gulf into the access channel and then we have a natural shore line that goes from St. Andrew's bay into the grand lagoon.

    In addition, we also have two nature trails, the Gator Lake nature trail and the Herring Pond nature trail.

    Brent Lane: If you like your beaches with a little bit of history filled with pirates, then this is the place for you. Legend has it that pirates found the deep pockets of the nearby bay an ideal place to capture ships and route to Spain and Mexico. And those same pirates buried their treasures on nearby Shell Island.

    Today Shell Island is an undeveloped home to a high concentration of bottle nose dolphins and you don't need to be a pirate to get here. Brian Addison: We offer shuttle at least from St. Andrews over to Shell Island. During the busy season at least every half hour, during our slower season it runs every hour, usually starts around 9 am at a last run till 5 pm. Brent Lane: If you want a high seas adventure with the whole family, checkout the sea dragon pirate cruise.

    Captain Phil: The sea dragon pirate cruise is a family adventure cruise, we entertain the kids for the whole two hours, we do sword fighting and water gun fights and all types, we find treasure.

    Meanwhile the parents sit back, relax they have a margarita and they watch the dolphins, it's like a vacation from your vacation.

    Brent Lane: And don't forget to stop in to the Maine and the sea museum here in Panama City Beach Florida, a great place for you and the family to learn about nautical history first hand.

    When it's time to take a break from the sun and fun, you have got to check out the Maine and the Sea Museum, a one of a kind museum exhibiting treasures recovered from sunken ships dating back to the 1500s, along with more recent commercial and naval equipment, vehicles and habitat.

    Michael DeGroot: We want to honor and pay tribute to the military divers that went down in sea lab one and also all the military and commercial divers that have explored the oceans and open it up for the general public.

    Brent Lane: Getting hungry? You have got to try the doughnuts at Thomas Doughnut and Snack shop.

    Michael Thomas: My grandfather started the business in 1971, the same equipment we have had for 40 plus years. We have 24 different verities.

    Brent Lane: For those looking for more than a doughnut to eat, check out these dishes from the boat yard, a family friendly restaurant during the day and at night a laid back place with live music.

    Konard Jochum: There are a lot of chartered boats and commercial boats, so you definitely want to bring our appetite for sea food, particularly shrimp and oysters.

    Brent Lane: And this is Brent Lane. We have been spending the day right here in Panama City Beach Florida.