A Day at the Beach in Marco Island

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you thought paradise was halfway across the globe , you may want to check out Marco Island, Florida, Paradise gone to the extreme with miles of beaches, crystal colored waters, and a ton of activities for the whole family including jet skiing with dolphins.

    Robin Kay: Hi there, this is Robin Kay reporting from the Great Paradise of Marco Island Florida. Many say that Marco Island is one of the more enjoyable destinations in America, with spectacular beaches, wildlife and water sports for all ages, over a hundred restaurants, great shopping and even museums. Oh! Did I forget to mention Golf, ecotourism, world class swordfishing, incredible wildlife like dolphins, the endangered bald eagle and manatee.

    Where to start? No better place than on the beach within 5 miles of nothing but beach, long walks and world class shelling, a great way to spend a day or half day is getting out on the water. I'm here to explain Caxambas Park where running a boat is easy, affordable and you don't need a boat captain to hit the high seas. In for a high adrenaline tour of the area, Check out Captain Ron's Awesome Everglades Adventures. Where you jet ski around Marco Island learning fun facts of local birds, fish, dolphins, and the mangrove forests with the friendly and informative guides.

    Where we are at Cape Ramano, just south of Marco Island, this place is amazing and it's known for its famous white domes. Now if you are looking for a great site trip for some iconic imaginary, this is the place. Now I have been told that one year ago the beach went all the way out of the domes and as you can see it's receding. So if you want to check this place out I would do it soon because the landscape is forever changing. Now, if you ask me, it looks like a bunch of aliens built this place. Had enough sun, sand and water for one day? Then treat yourself to an amazing massage, get your nails or hair done at several of the island's spa and wellness centers. For those in need of a cerebral stimulation, check out the Marco Island historical museum, where you can learn more about south-west Florida's, Calusa Indians. As well as the early pioneer days of fishing, pineapple plantations and Clam Cannery totally recommended.

    What would paradise be without food? Marco Island has a great wealth of restaurants from quick service to elegant sit down to some layback down home cooking. A sure bet to please those looking for sea food is this Snook Inn, serving some of the freshest fish around from blackened mahi-mahi to phenomenal stuff shrimp, you won't be disappointed. I am getting hungry. This is Robin Kay reporting from the Great Paradise of Marco Island Florida.