Accessorize a Fun and Flirty Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Leslie Bray demonstrates how to accessorize a fun and flirty look.

    Leslie Arnelle Bray: Hi, I am Leslie Arnelle. To I am showing you how to accessorize your outfit. We are with model Andrea and this is all fun and flirty casual look. We are going to start with our strappy heal, a high waisted flowy dress and we want to compliment this outfit with a bold accessories. We are going to use this bold necklace and then we are going to use a simple oversize hand bag. And this is how you accessorize a fun and flirty casual look. We are going to go over the look again. We have a pair of strappy wedge heal sandals, a flowy high waisted strapless dress, complimented with a bold necklace and a simple handbag. This will give you a nice clean effortless look. Next we are going to do accessories for a Glammed-up look.