Accessorize Your Business Casual Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Leslie Bray demonstrates how to accessorize your business casual look.

    Leslie Arnelle Bray: Hi, I am Leslie Arnelle. Today I am showing you how to accessorize your outfit. Andrea is now wearing business look casual. Now we can wear the open toes stilettos. We have our pencil skirt. We have a crisp white blouse and I am going to show you how to keep it as a business look, don't make it look so -- don't turn it into evening. And the best way to do that is with your accessories. We are going to put on a simple necklace, maybe one or two bangles. Okay, now earlier I talked about not wearing a oversized clutch bag with your business look professional. This is a business look casual so this will be fine. So you can wear your oversize clutch handbag and to compliment your business look casual. Simply put on a nice waist belt and also make sure when you are wearing a pencil skirt, you don't want a small belt, that's not going to do anything for this look. And there you go. Business-look casual.

    Again we are going to go over what she has on. She has on stilettos open toe this time because it's business look casual. She has on a lovely pencil skirt. She has on a white crisp blouse, simple accessories and oversize clutch, two bangles. More than two would be a little too much for this look. This is not evening, it's business look casual so Thursday or Friday, an a nice braded belt to compliment your overall look. Next we are going to go into evening accessories.