Accessorize Your Business Professional Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Leslie Bray demonstrates how to accessorize your business professional look.

    Leslie Arnelle Bray: Hi, I am Leslie Arnelle. Today I am showing how to accessorize your outfit. Today I am joined with model Andrea. We are going to go right into accessorizing a business look professional. You are going to need the following key pieces. Trousers, a fitted blazer, a crisp white blouse and a pair close toes stilettos. Now the reason when it comes to business look professional, you should wear a pair of close toes stilettos versus an open toes stilettos is it takes away from being in a professional look. This makes it look more evening wear casual, but we talking about professional look. Now also for your trousers, I will prefer that you -- it will be an effortless look when you paired your trousers up with a thin belt versus a wide belt. Again what it will do is it will take a way from the professional look and make it look more evening wear. We don't want that we doing professional look. So all you need is a nice pair of simple but fabulous accessories and this is business look professional so a nice hand bag and thats it. The next look we are going to accessorize is business look casual.