Accessorize Your Evening Outfit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Leslie Bray demonstrates how to accessorize your evening outfit.

    Leslie Arnelle Bray: Hi I am Leslie Arnelle, today I am going to show how to accessorize your outfit. Today we are here with model Andria and we are doing accessories for an evening look. You can play out this look with a more casual pair of shoes, printed shoe preferably, pencil skirt, crisp white blouse and I am going to show how to accessorize this look. You want to put on a larger necklace because this is evening wear, you don't have to have anything tan because again evening wear. You can play up this look with a pattern leather oversize clutch bag. And also to compliment this look, you want to get a more solid wide belt versus maybe your braded belt because of you already have on accessories that are oversized.

    And there you go, evening wear. Again I'll tell you how to accessorize this look a very nice pair of printed stilettos. A pot leather bag versus a leather bag to play up a look because is this is evening wear. You have your pencil skirt. You have your solid wide belt. Your crisp white blouse and a fab oversized necklace. Don't overpower this look by adding a large earring. Keep it rather simply you wanted effortless fab. So this is great for evening wear. You want to probably play up your hair some slick it back some, not out like the earlier look, business look causal. Again this is evening wear next we are going to do casual accessories.