Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kathe Ana, Licensed Acupuncturist, discusses acupuncture and provides tips on things you can do at home without using needles but using the premise of acupuncture.

    Kathe Ana

    Kathe Ana, Licensed Acupuncturist, opened Heavenly Bodies Clinic after receiving her acupuncture degree from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Bethesda, Maryland and her Diplomate from the National Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has additional training at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and clinical training in Shanghai hospitals. After experiencing the profound effects of healing through bio-energetic medicine, Kathe Ana trained in the Jaffe-Mellor Technique and Neuromodulation for the treatment of auto-immune diseases, arthritis and neurological diseases.

    Kathe Ana: I am Kathe Ana. I am licensed acupuncturist and today we are going to be talking about acupuncture a little bit and show you some things which you can do at home without using needles but with using the premise of acupuncture. Licensed acupuncturists have a national certification as well as the state certifications through the medical boards. So when you go to an acupuncturist and we are going to be talking specifically about pain today. You get a, someone who is very, very good at non drug and non surgical treatment. So lets talk a little bit about what is acupuncture itself within the framework of its entire medical system, Traditional Chinese medicine, in the same way that Western medicine is the full medical system, Traditional Chinese medicine is a full medical system. Only one part of that is acupuncture using needle. So today what we are going to show you is how you can use the bodys energy and the idea that energy flows through your body in line such as on this chart where it shows going from the top of the head down the back, down the legs, all the way to your toes and even out the limbs, right down to the tips of fingers. So on these lines of energy then, are various specific points where the balance of energy, the flow of energy and measurable by Western standards is greater on this lines and off of it, and then within the line its greater on the point than anywhere else. There was a recent study done where a point of the very top of the shoulders actually measurably has a blood pooling there in a greater quantity than anywhere else in the body and thats a very important point used in acupuncture. So, when we are talking about pain, we are talking about a lot of people in our society, your friends, your family, the nation, theres a lot of studies being done how can we fix this pain? People have joint pain, back pain, knee pain, even the headache pain can resolve, whether its been 15 years or may be even someone comes to an acupuncture clinic with headache pain that just started last week thats unexplained, either way. So, if you have a long standing pain problem or if you had very recent pain problem, you will be able to use the methods that I am going to explain to you for resolving that pain. So lets move to that, actually move to a patient who has knee pain and lets start working with a model and we will go to an acupuncture table and I will showing you how acupuncture with needles to work and then I will show how without using needles using the same points you will be able to use acupressure and Gua Sha and Tui Na on your own pain at home safely and without needles.