Adams Morgan Neighborhood – Washington DC

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video takes you on a tour de force of one of Washington DC’s most diverse and coolest neighborhoods–Adams Morgan.

    Anya Myra: What makes Adams Morgan unique is that --Al Jirikowic: It's an interesting place, it's an artful place.

    Hodayah Finland: It's the hippest happening place in town.

    Lisa Duperier: It's like taking an international trip.

    Amy Morton: We have a lot of boutiques, a lot of retail, art galleries.

    Jim Nixon: Great variety of restaurants, dinning choices.

    Lyn Holland: So a lot of good places to have fun.

    Brian Harrison: If you really want to experience a true culture of Washington D.

    C. you really need to come to Adams Morgan.

    Tim Payne: There are so many great things about Adams Morgan, but what I think is most important is it's a diverse population --Jim Knight: We talk about it as a little United Nations.

    Al Jirikowic: We have our own culture apart from the rest of Greater Washington --Rafeena Ahmad: And it's a great mix of younger people plus locals of DC have been here forever.

    Lisa Duperier: We have some really unique one of a kind places here. A lot of neighborhood shops, including home furnishings, there are record store; books stores, clothes from the 1980s.

    Roland Castro: Independent clothing boutique's styles that you normally don't find anywhere else in D.


    Jacques Morgan: Mom, pop small business, no chain store.

    Darren Miller: So it's a great place to stop and shop.

    Matt Cronin: The most active night life in all of Washington D.


    , you can go and find a sports bar, a night club, a lounge, it has got a little bit of everything for everyone.

    Bill Duggan: Every night of music, Blues, Bluegrass, Salsa, we know how to put the fun.

    Kristen Barden: There are 60 restaurants representing countries from around the world.

    Molly Cheng: Cheap eats, falafel, empanadas, like some pizza, you also have higher-end places, everything from Ethiopian, Indian food.

    Stephanie Lee: To Chinese restaurants and Korean restaurants.

    Adam Crain: If you're budget conscious, you have options to not spend a lot of money, but still have a good time. The Bus Line is block away and the Metro is only two or three blocks away.

    Kristen Barden: So after you done the monuments and the museums and the mall, come to Adams Morgan and experience where real Washingtonians live and work and play.