Add Accent Flowers and Greenery to Your Boutonniere

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Floral designer Kara Beckett demonstrates how to add accent flowers and greenery to your boutonniere.

    Kara Beckett

    Kara is currently the owner and principal designer of Gathered Stems, located in McLean, Virginia. With over 10 years of horticulture and design experience, Kara, along with her partner, Margaret Flis, has created a one of a kind floral studio, focusing on natural and simplistic beauty. Kara’s technical knowledge and creative flair in home décor, wedding and event designs, as well as unique fresh florals, along with her ability to interpret her clients' needs, continues to make her a favorite in the community. Kara stays active in the community, leading hands-on workshops and demonstrations in floral design to groups such as garden clubs, local women’s associations, and civic groups. Gathered Stems continues to be featured in distinguished publications such as Southern Accents Magazine, and Home & Design.

    Hi, I am Kara Beckett, I am from Gathered Stems. Today, I am showing you how to make a boutonniere. We have wired and taped our rose and we are now ready to add our greenery and accent flowers to our boutonniere. So, this is my Italian Ruscus, and I am just going to take a few leaflets off, that look good and are good size, just a couple of those. I am going to remove some of the lower leaves on this. I don't need all of it, I just need a few bracts at the top. I am going to do the same thing with this other piece. Then again, I am going to attach this to the back side of this rose, couple of pieces, so it sort of frames the back of it. I am going to go ahead and tape those two pieces to this stem here, same way that we wired the stem before. Start at the top, just roll it smoothly down until you've covered all of that stem from the Ruscus. I am going to do the same thing with the Plumosa. Just take a few little pieces off of here, that looked good. Again, I am just going to remove a little bit from the bottom here, so I have a little bit of bare stem. I am just going to hold those again onto the back of the rose and tape those on as well. Now, as you can see that's what that's going to look like, it is just a little bit on the back side of that rose. So, now I want to add my accent flowers and that I am going to put more towards the front of the rose so you can see it a little bit better. Take my Hypericum Berry, nice green to go with the yellow rose here. I just want to find a couple of pieces that I like. I am going to strip this extra foliage off of it, really all I want to see is this berry, so I am going to take all that off. I am just going to try to fit it on to the front of this rose in a way that I like, just sort of have to play around with it a little bit so that it looks good. I think that's pretty good there. So, I am going to go ahead and cut a little bit of this. This Hypericum has a bit of a thicker stem, so what I want to do is cut a little bit of it off so that this final stem on the boutonniere isn't so thick. I am just going to tape that on like I did the others. I think that's about enough of the Hypericum, I may not need this extra. So, now that we have added our greenery and accent flower to the boutonniere, I am just going to go ahead and finish off the stem with a little bit of ribbon.