Add Functional Indoor Lighting To Your Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to change the look of your home with simple changes in lighting.

    Sherry Tyra: Lighting can be a key element in creating atmosphere and drama in your home. There are lot of creative options out there that allow you to go beyond the standard light fixture.

    Ambient lighting is your go to lighting for seeing in a room after dark. Recessed lighting is a perfect solution for room that needs a lot of ambient light, but allows the fixtures to remain subtle, more elaborate light fixtures can provide ambient light too.

    Chandeliers and lamps can provide light and make a statement in any room. Sometimes rooms need task lighting whether it's a light on a desk or table lamp for reading the light exist for specific purpose. Be sure you use the higher voltage bulb in order to prevent eye strain.

    Under cabinet lighting in a kitchen is a great way to provide extra task lighting well also creating a sense of drama and the space.

    Decorative lighting could be a fun way of bringing that little something unexpected into a space. Accent lighting allows you to create mood or atmosphere in a room. Simply incorporating dimmer is a great way of enabling any fixture to create mood.

    Up lights or can lights place behind a plant will add a cozy and dramatic atmosphere in a room as well. And let's not forget candle light which always serves to create a cozy space.

    LED candles offer candle light without the risk of fire. Today's lighting choices can be exciting and fun. Look around and find some interesting ways you can incorporate lighting into your own home; you'll be astounded at the difference that lighting can make.