Adding Accessories to Your Outfit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses how to add accessories to your outfit.

    Cindy: Hi! I am Cindy I am with Wilma and Meredith here in Fashion Exchange and right now we are going to talk about accessories. How hats and shoes and how they can make a plain outfit turn into something that's really fun that works together, that takes an outfit into a different realm. So let's first look at Meredith. She has got on her wonderful blue color, that suits her so well on her color type, she has got on just a pair of jeans, everyday jeans. She has wonderful pair of platinum shoes, with the very high wedge that are very in and now we are going to really make the outfit sing. What are we going to do Mary?

    Mary: I think we are going to put a hat on.

    Cindy: Yeah, I think we are. Now, she has got this fabulous hat which picks up the navy's, it works with jeans, you could wear it with slacks, but it really picks up this looks and makes it worthwhile. You have got a little bit of platinum, you have got a little bit of golden there, so it works with her outfit and she can go off to blue grass music country western and she is just going to feel really great. Wilma has -- we have seen her in this wonderful top in another clip and she now has found this skirt that could really be an evening skirt. It matches so well the color in the skirt. She has two wonderful accessories to make this outfit really sing. She has got this wonderful back straw hat and it just pulls it all together, pulls the dark up to the top and these fabulous mules that have this wonderful crystal flower on the front and we have flower designs in the skirt. So we have really dressed up outfits in a very fancy and lovely way and it just makes it a lot of fun. I have got a plain brown outfit on, but I have a little jacket that putting it on makes it maybe go out to dinner instead of go to work and pair of shoes that have a little bit of limestone in them that kind of picks up the gold. So this is kind of a fun way to think about your accessories, makes your outfit, makes it nothing outfits, turns it into really something. Next we are going to talk about how to have more clothes for less.