Adding Chocolate Pie Filling to the Pie Crust

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Kingsbury with Kingsbury Chocolates shows you how to add chocolate pie filling to the pie crust.

    Rob Kingsbury

    Rob is owner & chocolatier of Kingsbury Chocolates in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, as well as co-owner of the ACKC Cocoa Bar in Washington, DC. Relocating to the DC area in 2001, he opened Kingsbury Chocolates at 1017 King St in Alexandria, VA. This unique chocolate experience focuses on creating a blend of sumptuous & beautiful confections made fresh right on site. Everything is made in small batches by hand using fresh ingredients and imported chocolate. Many recipes have been based on the generations of chocolate connoisseurs in his family, these creations now infuse rich tradition with novel innovation. You can reach Kingsbury Chocolates via email: [email protected], or by phone: 703.548.2800/877.704.4179. His latest venture with co-owner Eric Nelson of Artfully Chocolate, is DC's first Cocoa Bar. ACKC is a combination of one part Cocoa Cafe, one part Confectionary, and one part Art Gallery. Guests have the opportunity to create their own beverage from 5 different types of chocolate with a multitude of flavor infusions. Wanting to add a fun, creative, and educational chocolate aspect to DC, Rob also offers classes and tastings. You can learn how to make ganache or simply enjoy a sampling of chocolate from around the world. ACKC Cocoa Bar is located at 1529c 14th St, Washington, DC. Their email is [email protected], and phone contact is 202.387.2626/888.758.6699.

    Hi, I am Rob Kingsbury with Kingsbury Chocolates. Today, we are making a chocolate pie and right now, we are going to make the actual pie filling. Alright, so this has been heating for about five minutes and it has come to a boil, so what I need to do is just keep it at a boil for one more minute it has really, really thickened up a lot and you will notice that because of the cornstarch and well, that s key because this is a pie filling. So, anyways I am going to let that keep heating for one more minute. I keep my eye on it, make sure that we continue to stir it. Stirring also helps alleviate any splatter because you are being preventative in allowing those air bubbles to build up and spit the chocolate around.

    Alright, that looks good. So, we are going to go in next and we need three egg yolks for this portion and what we are going to do is separate the. This is an egg separator which is a handy dandy little gizmo that uses gravity to allow the whites to separate out from the yolk and keeps the yolk in this little cup. So, we are going to need to do that to three eggs. So, we have got one yolk, it s ready right here. A real key part of this is making sure that you remove the small white membrane that s going to be on the egg yolk that still remain in even that the white has separated. You really want to make sure that you have just the egg yolk during the tempering process and this is a real hands on. There s no way around this one. So, I like to roll it in the palm of my hand, it dries up the yolk a little but and it's easier just to take that white membrane area off of there. So, we put it right in. So, anyways we are going to do that two more times.

    Alright, well this is a messy part. This is where you get your hands dirty, but take your time, take a break, wash your hands right now and then we are going to back and we are going to temper the eggs into the chocolate. So, anyways back from washing my hands, nice, clean hands. What we want to do next is temper these eggs and tempering means that we are just, we want to bring the temperature of the eggs close to the temperature of our pie filling. So, a way to do that is to add a small amount of your pie filling directly into your egg yolks and just mix them up. I like to do a little bit of time to bring the temperature up a little bit closer to the actual pie filling temperature so that when you mix the eggs back in, you are not getting scrambled eggs.

    Alright, so at this point, I am going to relight the fire on this and add my egg yolks back in and we need to actually now bring this mixture back to a boil. So, at this point of the game, we have a couple more minutes and till this comes back up to heat and once it comes to back to a boil, we have one more minute of boiling. If you didn t think it was crucial to keep stirring in the first half of this pie filling, it is definitely important at this point. So, during the whole time just make sure you keeps stirring it, it looks beautiful. So, this will come to a boil real quick and then we will add in our butter and our vanilla.

    Alright, so I just took the pie shell out over here, it looks fantastic. Our pie filling, our chocolate pie filling has come to a boil, maintain the boil for a minute while stirring. At this point, I am literally going to turn the heat off and add one tablespoon of butter and one and a half teaspoons of vanilla or if you like to put a little bit more in feel free. I love vanilla. There's no need to keep the heat on, what you are doing is to just blending this in. The butter adds that wonderful texture and buttery flavor at the end. It s not something that has to get cooked in and the vanilla is just to add a sweet vanilla essence to it and that is it .

    We have pie filling.

    So, right now, we are going to put it right into our pie shell. This recipe actually makes a little bit more than necessary but I like saving it and putting in a couple of cups in the refrigerator and just having some nice chocolate pudding as well. I also like to pour this in right in the middle and that way you can really get a lot of pie filling in as it settles towards the edge. Alright, it looks beautiful. So, right now, we are going to go ahead and just let this cool down to room temperature for about a half an hour, just so it s not steaming and then we are going to throw in the refrigerator, let it chill in the air for about another hour and a half and you will be ready to serve.

    So, next we are going to go in, I am going to show you how to make some whipped cream topping for this and after that, we will be serving and then enjoying.