Adding Contour & Teeth to the Skull Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Nardone from shows you how to add contour and teeth to your pumpkin to create a skull design.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. We're working hard on our skull pumpkin. We've got all the skin ground off of it. But it's still not quite the right shape. We want to alter that a little bit. Because a real skull doesn't look like this. It's much narrower at the jaw and then it blossoms out where your brain is kept. So there are some things in here we're going to do, we're going to give it a bit of a forehead, carve out the eye areas. We're going to even try to make some teeth into this area as well.

    We're going to do that with my awesomely destructive angle grinder. So first, let's take some, contour out of the side of its face to give us more of a jaw line. That process is going to start just below the eye. So we're going to come in here. Just like we took off the skin with this thing, we can take off the pumpkin flesh too. If you just keep pushing on it, it will keep disappearing from there. So here we go.

    Let's see how it looks. We're starting to get that contour in there, give us more of a jaw line and a cranium. So I'll do the other side too. As you can see, we're starting to get like a little jaw, cheek bone thing going here. What we needed to do also is your nose and your brow are not leveled. So I'm going to grind down the face a little bit, leave the cheek bones up, take the nose down, take the bridge of the nose down.

    This thing is getting a little slick, so what I'm going to do to keep it in place is, I'm going to make a doughnut with my towel, like this. I'm going to set it right on there. That should just sort of hold it stiff for me, so it doesn't slide around. I want to move it around when I'm working on it with the tools. Alright, well, that's it, that's given us sort of an eyebrow here and more of an eye socket. The nose is nice and flat, definitely lower than the brow. You've noticed I haven't really ground down a lot of area here. That's because I want to make some like a hunky looking teeth in that area. That will actually carve out the teeth individually, make him look kind of really ugly. So we're getting close though.

    Alright, well, we've got some eye sockets going, a brow, kind of a bridge of the nose. Next here, we're going to spend a lot of time on his teeth, that I'm going to make sure I leave material here to make it little bit of a jaw. I'm not so interested in how many teeth people have? This is a pumpkin, so it's not going to have many teeth. I'm going to try to make him like a little comical, so I'm going to carve big teeth, missing teeth, that type of thing.

    Right now, I'm basically flossing this pumpkin. I'm cutting the gaps between the teeth. Those gaps aren't just a straight line, they're more like a teardrop, because your teeth are a little wider at the top than they are at the bottom. So between each tooth, have like a teardrop shape. So I'm just making those. As I do that across the pumpkin, then I'll be able to shape the teeth a little bit more or have a nice mouthful of teeth. One, two, three, four, five, six, little different gaps between each one. Then I'm going to do the bottoms too.

    Now if your pumpkin is going to be missing a tooth, like I'm going to have mine missing the tooth right here. Make it of the same size, gap, that the other teeth would be. People don't miss random size teeth, you'll only miss one tooth or two teeth, not half a tooth. We've got to kind of make sure you get it the right size. Now I'm going to take out my little hand grinder, because each tooth is a -- teeth have a unique shape, so you have to drive into them up by the gum line and let them sit proud up at the top.

    By carving each tooth individually, it sort of sets it back from the rest of the skull and gives it that really more realistic look. I'll do the bottoms too. This guy needs a floss pretty bad, I think, there's a lot of pumpkin gunk in between his teeth. Okay, next thing we're going to do part of our shape is, cut back on the jaw line, because this part, humans don't have this part here. Also, they don't have stems sticking out of their chin either.

    So once we cut that out, it's going to start to look a little more human. Right now, I'm just cutting down the jaw line. I'm actually going to cut it a little larger than I think it needs to be. But it's a lot easier to cut it larger and take material off than it is to do the opposite. There we go. I think, I still have a little bit too much material here. I think, really I should remove it, probably more like this. This is getting a little delicate, you can see, it's a little flexy. So I don't want to cut on it too hard, so I'm going to be careful where I place it, how it's held. There we go. So actually, almost big enough to wear as a mask.

    In my next clip, I'm going to add a few features to our skull pumpkin.