Adding Curly Willow to the Grapevine Garland

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Joe Waroquier demonstrates how to add curly willow to the garland.

    Joe Waroquier: Hi, I am Joe with Sage and we are now on our final step of making a basic screened in porch in to a great evening outdoor living space. So to add the last element to our grapevine garland are green Ivies and our stick Ivies and then our lights are going to add a little bit of a final touch, accessory if you will, a curly willow. As you can see here we have basic curly willow that you can get your local flower shop or garland shop. Were going to use our flower scissors just to cut a couple pieces of it off. So, as you can see with curly willow, you have several different sizes, different parts of the branch that you can manipulate. Me, I like to have several different wings of it. So Ill just start trimming it, as so getting different textures, some different bush styles and then we will have a couple of little single pieces and as always make sure your flower scissors are closed for safety purposes and with our different branches lets go up the ladder and install them, okay. So keep in mind when you are installing the curly willow element in to our garland, that you dont want to put in to over sized textured areas, what the curly willow is going to allow you to do is to take a little bit less clustered areas and add a little pazzaz like you see here. So what you want to do is to the size element thats right for the area, just kind of shove it in. What its going to do, is its going to just create another dimension to the space and to the over all texture of the garland.

    Its also going to add a little bit more wilderness attitude to it and of course another color element, as it has a little bit more of a real life feel as it is at one time was real. So by installing this, were going to finish off our lighting fixture in our wonderful screened in porch. So now the last final step is going to be accessorizing the room.