Adding Detail to Your Graffiti Art

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Graffiti artist Stefan Hauswald demonstrates how to add detail to graffiti art.

    Stefan Hauswald: Hi, I am Stefan on SCS Park today. I am showing you how to do some aerosol graffiti art. Now that we are done the fill, I want to show you how to do some small detail work in the fill just to make your piece a little bit more creative. This part is basically, completely up to you. Usually, I will use skinny caps and just to make my own little design, I usually use if I have some old scrap paint like this can of paint is pretty well, I use it for the small detail work because I am not doing a whole lot. So I want to find a cap that fits what I want to do. Let us see. I want to go to any area of my piece that I decide to put it in and I want to just come through and let's say I want to -- I am going to do a little fade down here and then to go with the bubble thing, I am going to force fill to add a few little bubbles in there too. Now the fade, you basically, want to start out low and you want to pull the paint back getting farther from it till the paint just slightly sprays the piece. I will do this at a few different spots of the piece, not throughout the whole thing. Now I will just add a little bit different color in there. I am still keeping a cool color green to go with the warm -- to compliment the warm colors on the background. I am bringing some green at the top and do basically the same thing with some scrap paint. Now you might have to go back in and toss up your force fill. Again, keeping the lines clean as possible. Now that I am done doing the details in the fill, I am going to go through and put in some more highlights to make the piece poppy even more. Effectively, doing this is called White Lining, when you just line one side of the piece going all the way across to make it look like just the light was coming in from the right side. Now that I am done with final detail work, let's get started on the outline for the graffiti art.