Adding Frosting to Your Pumpkin Dishes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baker Petra Cox demonstrates how to bake with pumpkin, including how to add frosting to your pumpkin dishes.

    Petra Cox

    Petra is a specialty baker for Mom's Apple Pie Company, a family-run bakery with four locations in Northern Virginia. By the time she was born, the family business had been operating from their home for three years. Petra and her siblings grew up rolling crusts, peeling apples and baking pies with their parents from early on. In addition to bakery experience, Petra trained with family friend, Is Harris, making a variety of Thai cuisine from scratch, punctuating her culinary appreciation for both sweet and savory flavors and techniques. Subsequent training in oenology and cuisine both in Florence, Italy and Washington, DC led to her current position as wine buyer and recipe research and development at Mom's Apple Pie in Occoquan, Virginia.

    Petra Cox: I am Petra Cox with Mom s Apple Pie Company in Occoquan, Virginia. Today, we are making pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting. So some of the pumpkin cake we have put in to little cup cake tins and cup cake paper. You can even call them muffins if you want to bake them that way without the frosting or if you want to ice them, we call them pumpkin cup cakes with cream cheese frosting. So, I am going to show you how to do is to use an icing bag to apply the cream cheese frosting to the cup cakes.

    An icing bag is in four major parts, so to assemble it, to get down to this edge here, put this part in, I fold this over so that I can reach it a little better. Nut part has a sort of a little spiral part that you can screw this on too and you put your little icing head, here this is a nice wide one because its for a thick application of icing.

    So you put that at the end of the icing bag and then you put this it over it and screw it on. And then the icing will come out with sort of little ridges in it from this and I folded it down just so that I can get the icing into it without getting the icing all over the outside of the bag, my icing is in room temperature so it s very easy to work with and very soft.

    So, I am sort of pressing little bit in there and then unfold it and squeeze the icing just until it gets to the end of the little spout there. And now I am going to put the icing on to the cup cakes, with this sort of decorative icing hand, you can do a variety of different sort of applications. You can do one big spiral, you can do a bunch of little dots, you could make it larger, if you just stay in one place and squeeze more of it on.

    And you can sort of do a stripe, little swirly stripe and make a modest thing or you can make them different and there are also different sort of options for the kind of spout, for the shape of the icing that you apply. And so that you don t over ice, you can just put a little dot on them too. So that is how you put icing in an icing bag and ice the cake. You can use it with any kind of frosting that you want to use, a butter cream or chocolate or a cream cheese as we are doing today. So that is how you make your pumpkin cup cakes with cream juice frosting.