Adding Glow Sticks to the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Nardone from shows you how to put some special effects on our radioactive pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com. We are going to put some special effects on our radioactive pumpkin. First, turn the carving process, I didn't really this guy any eyeballs. So I am going to shave off this skin here to make his irises. I use the power tool, it's called the Dremel, it has a pumpkin carving bit. I've got to love that dentist drill sound. Reminds us all of our childhood memories.

    Alright, now we are going to talk glow sticks. Make sure about glow sticks that have non-toxic ingredients. That's very important, because we are going to break some of these open.

    The other thing is there is a little glass vial in here, so when you do break them open and cut them open, make sure little kids don't touch the goo. It's not good form, it stains, it's not toxic but it will stain their hands and also there will be broken glass inside. So just put this somewhere where little kids won't get at it. So, how do you make them glow? We snap them open, like that, then you shake them, so break it and then you shake it. So this one is glowing and it's going to glow for few hours. We could use this one to put inside to light the pumpkin. Later, we are going to break some open and cut them open, you just cut it off at the top, we'll pour the goo on. But we are going to do that when it's night time. Otherwise the glow might run out before the end of the night.

    Now that it's dark outside, I am going to start to break and shake these glow sticks. Then I am going to them open and pour the goo on the face of the pumpkin. So here we go. Break it, shake it, and then this one is going to go inside the pumpkin. Break it, shake it, this one again I hold it up-right and cut off the top. This will allow me to pour the goo anywhere I want.

    See, I'll soon at the top because we know the goo is going to run down hill. So I am going to try to pour it all around the radiation symbol. Each of the petals, and the circle, that type of thing. And just drip it down the face.

    May be I'll put a little in his nostrils, down his mouths, try not to add too much of the goo run inside the pumpkin, because people won't be able to see it.

    Okay, last one, we are going to break it, shake it, cut it open, now since this is my last one, I am going to look over the face of this pumpkin and sort of see where may be I could add a little more goo to add the most realism. But when you are done, I think you'd be happy with your glowing radioactive pumpkin. I think people that visit your house will really think it's fun.

    There is your radioactive pumpkin. I am Tom Nardone from extremepumpkins.

    com. You can find my books Extreme Pumpkins I and II and Extreme Halloween in bookstores near you. Thanks!