Adding Ivy to the Grapevine Garland

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Joe Waroquier demonstrates how to install the ivies on the garland.

    Hi, I am Joe Waroquier with Sage. Today I am showing you how to make a basic screened in porch into a great evening get away. So now, that we've hung our garland, we are going to install the ivies. Now, remember, we have two different kinds of ivies. We have our stick ivy and then we have our leaf vine ivy. I am going to show you how to install them both into the grapevine garland now. For demonstration purposes, I am going to show you here on our test piece. We have our basic grapevine garland that is all twiggy and stickly and difficult to work with more or less, but not all that much.

    So, we are going to use our regular stick garland that has these great pieces of rusted bark and great texture of leaves and what not, and we are going to wrap it in around the garland. The best way to do it; since this has so much bounty of wraps, just go ahead and secure it by fastening it around the garland as such. As you fasten it, go ahead and give a good squeeze on it, so that our whole touch the garland, but you know what, dont be so particular on making it a perfect form. Go ahead and give it some movement and fasten the other end as well. Mind you, you can do some loops, turns, curly cues, whatever makes you happy. Once you have it fastened, go ahead and fluff your leaves accordingly. Dont make them perfect, give them some bounty, give them some fullness, as garland and ivy are not perfect in the great outdoors. Sometimes you might have some curly cues or something on your garland as this garland does, go ahead and work them out, pull them out, give it some more depth, and some live action. So, once we get this guy installed, well go ahead and install our leaf ivy.

    Have your floral scissors available. Your garland bushes of ivy will have several different lengths in it as you can see here from the rear. You have some long pieces, some medium pieces and some trot pieces. Dont be in a risk that you are not going to use all of the pieces, as for different parts in your garland; you'll have a piece for everything. So, to get started, I like to use my larger lengths first. So, go ahead and collect the ivy and what you are going to do, is you are going to place it into the garland anywhere that you see fob. So, what we want to do is create a dramatic effect of texture, color and lengths. So, let's go up the ladder, and have a look at the real installation process of this. So now let's install the garland ivy into our grapevine garland. As you can see, I have installed our stick garland ivy, it's already installed. I have wrapped it around and secured it in necessary places. Mind you not keeping a perfect line, but you want to follow the line as a garland ivy generally trails. So, now, let's install our English ivy garland into the grapevine. Again, you dont want it to be perfect. Whats great about this is this is going to add depth, texture and a little bit more color to our ivy. What I recommend is that you just inter-twine it in with the grapevine garland, which is why we like to use the grapevine garland, because that has such great texture that you can apply elements into it of various sizes. So what I like to do is create a little bit wild texture, so that when we install our lighting, it's going to create different in cast, different shadows to the room. As you can see, I am using various lengths of ivy as well. As you use different lengths, it will just plug into different areas, and cascade as such. As you can see, with the different textures, the different colors, we are creating a really super, nice ambience. One of the recommendations that I do have however, are the areas where we might have a little bit of wire coming through from our floral wire, apply a little bit of extra there, but dont make it so extra that it's noticeable. What you are going to do, is you are going to help hide the elements and it's going to create after all a great lighting fixture. So now that we've had the opportunity to install our ivy, and our garland, let's install the lights.