Adding Stock and Mushrooms to the Rice for Risotto

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Salvatore Ambrosino demonstrates how to make mushroom risotto, including how to add the stock and mushrooms to the rice.

    Salvatore Ambrosino

    Salvatore Ambrosino is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Sal is the chef and owner (along with his two brothers) of Pomodoro Pasta, Pizza and More in Fairfax, Virginia. Born in Italy and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sal specializes in rustic Italian dishes. He loves interacting with the people in his restaurant and, of course, cooking.

    Sal Ambrosino: Hi I am Sal, the chef of Pomodoro Fairfax; we are ready for the second part of our Risotto, Porcini Mushroom Risotto. We added one third of the stock and are ready for the second-third, because the rice as you can see absorbed the stuff, so we are ready to add our second-third. So, always on the medium heat and another two layers. Okay, and we are going to constantly stir it, remember the wooden spoon, we going to stir and stir and let me explain to you, the reason why we are using the Arborio rice, is Arborio rice is high in starch and if you add it in the risotto, the reason why its so creamy is because of the high starch content.

    Thats what makes its so creamy. Yeah the cheese does help, the butter at the end does help, but what makes this so creamy is the high starch content and thats the reason why a risotto is a risotto. Thats why you shouldnt use another rice, if you really want to make it good risotto. Thats basically so now what we are doing is we are stirring and we are allowing the second-third of the rice to absorb and so we just constantly stir and stir and stir, okay.

    You can actually have a glass of wine while you are stirring, but thats besides the point, okay and we are just going to stir, okay. We actually going to get ready now to start adding up mushrooms, allowing the stock to absorb the less bit of it. Once thats done, we are going to add our mushrooms and we are going to add a less part of our stock, and then we are going to keep a good eye on it, because this is the last part, is what counts.

    Thats the part we are going to watch it, when it starts to get nice and creamy, thats when we are going to add rest of our cheese, our butter and our Porcini, remember that we cut Porcini, just the right way, we going to add it at the end and we are just going to keep an eye on it now, as it absorbing and now we going to add our mushrooms.

    We actually want a little bit of the crumbs everything, we actually want to add it to the dish. Now I can use my tongs because I am not scrapping, I am just grabbing. And we are going to stir in the mushrooms, okay, now obviously you can see that the stock is gone, its absorbed, so we are going to add the rest of our stock, the one third. I am cheating a little bit and I made a little bit more stock than I said it was but if you notice, I am telling you and thats what Im doing now. Okay and we going to stir, we are going to allow the flavor of the mushroom to get into the rice, in to the stock, so it penetrates the rice and all nice one flavor going on.

    Okay, we are just going to keep a constant stir, see like I said in cooking, theres no perfection so we cut an onion that was a little big too big so what I am going to do is to use my tong and remove it, theres no such thing as being perfect, here you go. Now I am going to serve it, nice stuff. Okay now the rice is cooking so next that would basically well let the rice cook, while letting it get all absorbed, those flavors going on, in the next step we going to add the rest of our ingredients and we going to plate it and then well see what it looks like and I wish you can taste it, and it should taste really good.