Adding the Ears and Candle to the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to add ears and a candle.

    Hi, I am Carrey Nalls. I am at Nalls Produce in Franconia, Virginia and today we are showing you how to carve a traditional Jack-O'-Lantern. You can see I ve got the eyes, nose and mouth carved on this one. It s almost finished, but we are going to give it a little bit of a special touch. We are going to give it some ears and then we are going to work on a way to light it up for when it gets dark. First thing you do, is try and cut out or decide what you want to give it as far as ears go. A lot of people don t put any on there, but I think they should have ears, if you are going to give them the rest of the stuff. So, you see that we have carved what looks like a pumpkin ear out of this pumpkin and we are going to try and make this work. We are going to carve the back off of the pieces that we were taken out of the pumpkin; we are going to try and just cut that down, so it s not as heavy and will be easier to put back on the pumpkin. Here the two ears that we have carved out of the pumpkin, now we are going to try and fasten them back to it. It s pretty simple. We are going to use a plain old eight penny common nail, just to nail the ear back to the pumpkin. You need to hold the face of the pumpkin when you put the nails into, hold the ears, that s one of the trickier parts and make sure that you ve got enough pumpkin to nail it into it. We have the pumpkin with ears on and the face carved in it and you go back to your top that you take off earlier, put the top on it and there you have a complete Jack-O'-Lantern ready to light up with the candle when it gets dark or you use it as it is. When it comes to -- as far as lighting the candle, some people use flashlights, some people use electric lights, you know light bulbs. The traditional way is with a candle, and people say, Well, how do I get the candle to stand up in the pumpkin? The easiest way is to get a Pumpkin Masters candle, Jack-O'-Lantern candle holder package and you have the screw that you screw into the bottom of the pumpkin, then you just put the candle in and just wait for it to get dark and you light it up. It s real simple. You can see that to screw the candle holder in, you just screw it into the bottom of the pumpkin and then you are ready to light it up. See the candle is basically in the middle of the pumpkin and that will probably burn for about three hours, if you are going to -- you may need a new candle for every night that you plan to use the pumpkin, but the top is back on it and that s a finished product ready to use. Now, I ve shown you with this pumpkin how to make a very traditional candle lit Jack-O'-Lantern, and like I told you in the beginning, everybody has their personal preferences to what kind of pumpkin they want to make. Now I am going to show you one that a style that I have made for a long time and just to show you a little bit of a different way to -- different spin on the same old thing.