Adding the Ingredients and Finalizing Guac’ of Ages

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson puts the “guac of ages” all together.

    Rob Carson: Once again, my name is Carson. I am a radio personality, also a gourmet cook and today we are making what I think is the greatest Guacamole in the history of mankind it's called Guac of Ages. Right now we are going to mix all of our ingredients together and make it melt really well and then we are going to eat it, it's going to be awesome. I got of my Avocados. This is where things get messy because what I do is I just dig right in and pick that pit out.

    You are going to save these pits. Why do we save the pits? It's not because we are grow an avocado tree, no, no, no. We are going to put a couple of them back in the Guac, the reason being, you put the pit in the Guac and it tricks the avocado in thinking that it hasn't been completed shredded and it stays green. If you don't put a pit back in the guacamole, it will turn brown fairly quickly and nobody likes brown guacamole, I don't, alright.

    So there you go. I wash my hands real quick. Now check this out. What I use for pulverizing the avocados is a whisk. It works fairly efficiently and it also leaves it a little bit chunky. Don't over-blend or over-mix your avocados. We are not making baby food here. We are making Guac of Ages, done. Next I am going to add my jalapeno and again, guys use a non-reactive bowl. Do not use a metal bowl because it will disflavor your guac. I am going to put about half of that onion and that was a big onion. I don't want to overpower my guac with onion. I will just go ahead and add about a tablespoon of garlic nicely chopped. This is about a half teaspoon of cumin; this is about a half a teaspoon of chili powder. I have got grape tomatoes today and the reason why I am using these is I use these or campari tomatoes for my guac because they are sweeter and I also don't like a big, sloppy, wet, hunks of tomato like you would get from a normal tomato when you cut it up. These actually hold together really well so when you get it on your chip or whatever, you are going to get a nice piece of tomato. What I am going to do with these because they are so big is I want to quarter them like that and I am going to -- I have got two of the little containers that they normally give you at the grocery store of cherry tomatoes.

    I am going to probably use about one and a half of them. I have got a nice sharp knife, it's important. You will notice I am cutting through these like those old fashion Ginsu knives, cutting through a tomato right after cutting through a tinned can. I like to keep my knife sharp. Don't over sharpen your knives. I have an electric sharpener which is really nice; you can use one of those sharpeners like you find on your butcher's block. I find, it makes it really kind of a rough edge so I got a new scroll on mine. I have got a sharpener that really puts it to a fine edge, there you go. It's nice and sharp, just kidding.

    I am going to go ahead and mix this up a little bit here guys. Look how pretty that is. Got a little bit of sea salt here, I suppose about a teaspoon or so of course, your fresh cracked pepper is always good. Again, between a half teaspoon and a teaspoon, lime very important. Lime adds a lot of flavor to it. When you purchase a lime, do not get a lime that is so hard that it doesn't give it all because you are not getting any juice out of it. I got one that has a little bit of give to it.

    Depending on how juicy the lime is you can use one whole lime, it might be one and a half. I am going to go ahead and use all this. There you go. All of our ingredients are getting mixed here. Look at the colors, don't you like that color? Get back in there. Isn't that pretty? It's going to look so good. The very last ingredient I am going to add is cilantro. Cilantro is what is unique about Guacamole. It's a flavorful herb. I use it in other dishes, but it works best with Ceviche or my Ceviche anyway, and my guacamole.

    With cilantro you want to rinse it off. It's grown generally in sandy conditions and so if you don't rinse it you might end up with these little sandy particles in your guac and that's really going to take the edge off of it. So I am going to go ahead and rinse this. I am going to try and shake off a lot of the excess water here. In fact, I might even take a couple of paper towels because I don't want watery guac either. I do this, get that excess water out of there.

    I am going to take a good share of this head of cilantro. I am going to cut it right where it becomes stems, just going to use the very head of it, bunch it together and use my rocker knife. We are almost done guys. I always put the cilantro in last because otherwise, it gets all wilty and weird and it's the finishing agent in your guacamole, look at that and I am not chopping it up too fine.

    I like a little bit of roughage and I like the look of the leaf. There we go. This is going to be so good. You going to blow your guests away with my Guac of Ages, I am telling, you really are. I take the stuff to my workplace, my radio station and it's a feeding frenzy. It's like piranhas on a cat's leg. Now the final touch, I am going to add a little heat. Normally I use a very simple hot sauce. You don't want something that has a lot of other elements and you pretty much just want cayenne and vinegar. Generally, I use just plain tabasco. Today we are going to be using a Grace hot pepper sauce. It's something I found at a store. I have had it before, it's good stuff.

    You can also do tabasco, plain tabasco is the best. This is chipotle tabasco. This is the best hot sauce I ever had. I absolutely love it. Tabasco makes several products; they also make green tabasco. You can use green tabasco here as well. But one great thing about Tobasco products is they are very simple. The original tabasco is just vinegar and just cayenne. So I am going to go ahead and add a little and use your discretion, put as much as you want in it.

    I not going to use the chipotle tabasco today because it is very flavorful and it will make it into basically chipotle Guac of Age which is right, I mean it tastes really good but I don't want to go there. I am just going to go with the simple heat. There you go and now you can serve this right away, you can chill it in your refrigerator. I would say up to 24 hours, put a couple of pits in it that will keep it from turning brown. Put it in a Tupperware container and try to get all of the air of the top of it and in 24 hours you will find it's even better because the flavors just melt in. You will notice I am serving it in a margarita glass and it makes it look cool. I use my glassware a lot of the times for presentation and that looks cool. We put a couple of these out on the table, put some chips in there or whatever, put some chips around it, it will look fantastic. There it is guys, Guac of Ages guaranteed to make you a rock star.

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