Adding the Vegetable Tongue, Nose, Teeth and Ears to the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to add a vegetable tongue, nose, teeth, and ears.

    I am Carrey Nalls; we are at Nalls Produce in Alexandria, Virginia and today we are carving Jack-O'-Lantern. We are into the process on the second one that we are doing now; the basic cut out of the pumpkin is finished. Now, we are going to try and put it back together and see what we can make out of it. First thing we are going to work on will be the eyes, the pieces that we took out earlier, are back. They ve have been painted. They have dried and now that goes back in. This one goes back in and as the first start on the eyes. It needs a nose, this time we are going to use a butternut squash. Use a 16 penny nail through the squash to hold it on, and there, that s going to work something like that. You can make that work. This is one of the tougher parts on it, for this one we will use the hammer just to tap it in and we are using 16 penny nails and this squash is heavy and hard, so we are going to use a second nail and just tap it into the pumpkin. There you can see, it s now got a nose. Next step is we ve got to give it some color. We ll work on the mouth next. For this we are using a red pepper, we are going to carve it down a little bit, fit, and we use smaller nails for this. We are going to use this to give it a tongue; that gets nailed right to the pumpkin. You can just use a little smaller nail here; this is a inch-and-a-quarter nail that just goes right like that. Needs some teeth, for the teeth we are going to use turnips, they have got a white flesh that will show off fine and works out good for teeth and we just carve it down and work on it just a little bit. Looks like two front teeth to me. Need a nail, it s a little bit longer for these, because they are little tougher to make work. Okay, give a couple of smaller teeth now, there you go. You can see now that we have got the teeth, the nose, now we will fix the eyes up a little bit or we will probably put the ears on next. Got the two ears that we had cut out earlier, those you want to heavy nail like a 16 penny nail and you want to carve it, the actual ear off, some such not so heavy. Take some of the weight off of it and you put it up against the flat surface where you carve it, support the pumpkin. Want to be careful when you out the nails in that you don t run it through the front surface, there you go. You can see where we are at so far with it. Now, that we are probably halfway through with this pumpkin as far as decorating it. Now, we are going to work on the eyes, we ve got to give it some hair, it needs some -- I just need lots of things, so we are going to bring it -- see if we can put it together here.