Adding Vegetable Accents to the Eyes of the Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gardening expert Cary Nalls demonstrates how to carve pumpkins, including how to add vegetable accents to the eyes.

    I am Carrey Nalls; we are at Nalls Produce in Franconia, Virginia and today we are making a fruit stand Jack O'-Lantern, something a little bit different then what most people would do and just something that I have done for a lot of years and uses a lot of different fruits and vegetables on it. We are about halfway through with this one and in just a couple of minutes I think we can bring it to life. Next we are going to work on the eyes and for that we are going to use limes and just cut the limes at an angle where it works for you. Use a nail there again to go through it and it s getting there and I have got an we ve now got eyes. Now, we ll work on giving it -- we will work on eyebrows. Today we are going to use, today these eyebrows are going to be made of leeks, the root end of leeks just cut them off. Then again use a nail to through it. It looks shaggy, but it s just the way it s going to be. This is little bit slow, but you now got eyebrows which are little bit just too shaggy, so we trim down just a little bit here. See, now we ve got eyes and eyebrows. The next step, we will give him some under the eye color, for that we are going to use regular black eggplant, cut a disc of that and peel it or we are going to use the skin part of it. Now we are going to cut out some points out of it. Just use regular straight pins for this, just pin it right to the pumpkin and we have already done some of this on the other side, There you go, you see, we have got the eyes now and it s starting taking shape. Now you see we ve already we have got the mouth, we have got the nose, and we ve got the eyes, eyebrows, ears. Now, we see if we can finish it off with just -- it s got to have hair and then we ll see what else we can add to it.