Additional Childproofing Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Colleen Driscoll of Baby’s Home Safe Home gives advice on keeping your home safe for children.

    Colleen Driscoll: Hello, I am Colleen Driscoll. I am the owner of the child proofing company called Babys Home Safe Home. Today we are talking about childproofing the kitchen. Lets review some childproofing tips to help you in the kitchen and other rooms of your home. Consider adding baby gates to the kitchen. Sometimes we just block off the kitchen because it is a dangerous area.

    Early crawlers dont you well with hard-tiled floors and other hard surfaces. Supervision is always going to be very important. We assess for new dangers as your child grows and develops. If you are not sure what is hazardous in your home, get down on your hands and knees, and look at things from your childs perceptive.

    You will find items like doorstops and outlets. Also dont underestimate a child, they learn quickly from watching you. We teach parents not to climb over baby gates. If you climb over a baby gate, and your child watches you, they will quickly learn that thats something they can try.

    When shopping for childproofing products, be selective with your shopping and purchase quality products. Please read the instructions carefully. It is critical that safety products are installed correctly, to prevent injury and misuse. Consider calling a professional childproofer to assist you with your installation, even if it is just for the gates or cabin latches.

    Its a great idea to plan ahead. We want you to be ahead of your child. I hope you can use these tips to help childproof your home, including the kitchen and other areas of your home.