Adjustable Home Basketball System Options

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products discusses options for an adjustable home basketball system.

    Michael Sweeten: Hi! I'm Michael Sweeten, Sporting Goods Product Manager for Lifetime Products. Today we're looking at basketball systems and, right now, we're going to look at how to adjust your basketball system and the different methods that are available to you.

    There are four main adjustment types that you can choose from when selecting your new basketball system. A telescoping system can be adjusted by tilting the system to its side, removing the knob and bolt and telescoping the system up or down in six-inch increments.

    The next level would be a broomstick adjustment. These are adjusted by putting the end of a broomstick handle under the rim and adjusting the system up every six inches. To lower this system, simply place the broom handle in the release latch located behind the rim and lower the system down to its lowest setting. These systems typically adjust between a 71/2 or 8 to 10 feet in 4-6 inch increments.

    A step up from the broomstick adjustment are one-hand adjustments. These have the handle integrated into the systems so there's nothing additional needed to adjust the height of the system. These systems adjust from 71/2 or 8 feet up to 10 feet using just one hand and six-inch increments.

    The premiere adjustment methods include cranks or Lifetime's patented Power Lift adjustment which features a gas spring. This additional leverage and strength allows you to lift professional style tempered glass backboards effortlessly from 71/2 to 10 feet in infinite increments. Simply release the handle and the board is set at that height.

    So as you can see, there are many different ways you can adjust your basketball system. Now that we've looked at location, performance and adjustment, let's take a look at some accessories that are going to help make your game complete.