Advanced Coupon Strategies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Coupon expert Erin Gifford discusses advanced couponing strategies.

    Ering Gifford: I am Ering Gifford of couponcravings.

    com and I am showing you how to save big money using coupons. In this segment, I will talk a little bit more about advanced couponing strategies. It's great to save money using coupons but it's even better when you can get items for free or very cheap using coupons and I am going to show you how. Always peruse the weekly drugstore and grocery ads to see what's on sale and what you can match with coupons. And only pick up items using coupons when the item is gone sale. Definitely stock up to when the item is at the rock bottom price so that you can make sure to maximize your savings. Now, you start coupon policies and whether you have stored doubles or triples coupons. It's also important to know whether your store will accept printable coupons like these. Finally, it's worth noting that some stores like Walgreens, Target and CVS have store specific coupons. In this case, I have a dollar of Target coupon and I have a dollar of manufacturers coupon, while the Ocean Spray cranberry juice is only $2 so I was able to pair these two coupons together to get the juice for free. Finally, keep your eyes open when you get the weekly drugstore ads. Many times Walgreens and CVS will offer items that are free or nearly free after instant rebate. One great example is of Walgreens this week, they have got the Gillette Fusion razor on sale for $9 and you get back $6. Wow! To make the deal even sweeter, I have got a $4 off coupon, so I spend $5 and I get back $6. So, I just made a dollar and I have got a free razor. That's a really great deal using coupons. So that's how to take advantage of advanced coupon saving strategies. I hope you enjoyed this series on how to save big money using coupons.